Episode 51
Charlie and The Last Temptation of Eugenio

When Charlie's best party buddy (Eugenio Derbez) becomes a priest, Charlie tries to tempt him with women and liquor.

Episode 52
Charlie and the Hot Latina

Charlie falls for the sexy daughter of his father's warring neighbor.

Episode 53
Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter

After a hot one-time fling with a hot secretary, Charlie finds himself in trouble when he realizes this girl is related to his supervisor.

Episode 54
Charlie Gets Date Rated

Charlie uses Jordan to improve his online “date rating” to land a hot girl.

Episode 55
Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison

After Jordan wrecks their sex study, Charlie is inspired to start a new clinic at the prison.

Episode 56
Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker

When Charlie keeps choosing sex over work, Jordan convinces his girlfriend, Sasha, to cut him off for six months.

Episode 57
Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act

Charlie goes ballistic when a drunk Jordan makes out with a prisoner.

Episode 58
Charlie Spends the Night with Lacey

Charlie spends the night with Lacey to keep her from killing her ex-boyfriend.