The Adventures of Lucky Yates

By Foolio Jones

Chapter One- Born And Raised In Detroit

Chapter Two- What A Weird Little Kid

Chapter Three- Middle Class Public School: A Study In Apathy

Chapter Four- Girls Are Hot: A Life Of Pursuit

Chapter Five- Catholic School?!?

Chapter Six- College In The Cass Corridor

Chapter Seven- I Love Boobies

Chapter Eight- Living Poor In New York

Chapter Nine- What The F**k Am I Doing In The South???

Chapter Ten- How I Got Married And Lived On An Indian Reservation

Chapter Eleven- Oops, That Was Stupid

Chapter Twelve- Improv Comedy And Me

Chapter Thirteen- I Still Love Boobies

Chapter Fourteen- The Television Years

Chapter Fifteen- A Dude And His Dog

Chapter Sixteen- 60% F**k / 40% Yeah!