• The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

    Sunday, 9/21 7:30pm e/p

    The Quileutes close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses a threat to the Wolf Pack and the towns people of Forks.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    Monday, 9/22 8pm e/p

    Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young.

  • Battleship

    Tuesday, 9/23 7pm e/p

    A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.

  • Thor

    Wednesday, 9/24 7:30pm e/p

    The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans on Earth.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    Thursday, 9/25 10pm e/p

    Two married assassins have been hired to kill each other.

  • This Mean War

    Friday, 9/26 8pm e/p

    Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

  • Spider-Man 3

    Saturday, 9/27 5pm e/p

    An alien being brings Spider-Man's dark demons to light.


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