Currently one of the regular cast on FX's award-winning series Justified, Pitts has appeared on TV shows such as: Strangers with Candy, Law and Order, Sex and the City, The Good Wife and Person of Interest, as well as the HBO mini-series The Pacific. His film credits include Eurotrip, 21 and Across the Universe. Pretty good for someone who hates being photographed, eh? I mean, look at that photo. Guh. Like a dental patient forced to watch his own surgery.

His only decent performance was in Christopher Shinn's Where Do We Live at the Vineyard Theater in NYC and while he hasn't appeared onstage in almost a decade, he can regularly be seen whoring around the most convenient karaoke bars big city U.S.A. has to offer. His favorites include "Walking on Broken Glass," "Theme from Braveheart," and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley but sung in the voice of latter-day Tom Waits.  No, he is not a genius - just really bored. Do you want fries with that?  Just practicing!*

*Oh- you do?  None of this is real, you know.  You sad little thing.