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Animation Domination

Stone Quackers will shock, it will disturb, it will provoke. Executive produced by the acclaimed actor John C. Reilly and renowned artist/creator Ben Jones, the duck denizens of Cheeseburger Island endure hardships ranging from hurricanes and severed heads to dangerous hot dogs and the shame of being alive. The series is based on the upbringing of Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum (from the lauded live show Power Violence) and their experience living in the remote and strange city of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Actress/writer Heather Lawless (The Heart, She Holler) also stars as John C. Reilly’s angelic yet deviant paramour. Guest stars include Pam Adlon (Louie, Californication), Rory Scovel (Ground Floor) and Budd Anthony Diaz (Power Violence) with music from The Zombies, Lightning Bolt and The Doobie Brothers.

Key Voice and Talent:

John C. Reilly as OFFICER BARRY
Ben Jones as BARF
Heather Lawless as DOTTIE
Whitmer Thomas as WHIT
Clay Tatum as CLAY