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Animation Domination

The reggae dancehall grooves of acclaimed electronic music act Major Lazer are just one of the highlights in the Animation Domination animated show Major Lazer. It tells the story of a superhero named Major Lazer who, with the help of his two teenaged friends, Penny and BLKMRKT, fights against the villains that populate the futuristic dystopia that is Jamaica. A self-proclaimed “Guardian of the Groove,” Major Lazer vows to fight for the rights of the Jamaican people and to bring down the ruthless curmudgeon, President Whitewall.

Key Voice and Talent:

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as MAJOR LAZER
John Boyega as BLKMRKT
Angela Trimbur as PENNY
James Adomian as GENERAL RUBBISH
Ashante “Taranchyla” Reid as PG TIPPS