Matt Thompson | Executive Producer | Archer on FXX



Matt Thompson

Executive Producer

Matt Thompson hates two things: taking pictures and writing biographies. Usually, when pressed, he does something silly for each. Below, in handy bullet point form, is what we do know about this reclusive, angry man.

  • He is 27 years old. Definitely not 47. Yep. 27. Whoooo!
  • He is 6'1" which is a FULL two inches taller than his brother. He loves to remind his brother of this by standing on his tiptoes in family pictures.
  • He is married to a very patient and beautiful woman named Merrell. He forgives her for growing up in Florida. Not all states can be as cool as Texas.
  • He has three small children and secretively loves one more than the others. He is waiting for the other two to "earn it."
  • 14 years ago, he made a $1 bet with Adam Reed that before his 70th birthday, he would have a beer at a hotel on the moon and say to the bartender, "Give me another space beer, Gleep Glop.”
  • He has been making cartoons with Adam Reed for 18 years and has stuck it out only to see how their $1 bet turns out.
  • Before working on Archer with Reed, he made Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo with Reed.
  • He is very thankful for each and every one of the 100 hardworking, talented Floyd County employees. Except for Casey.