Anna Dokoza | Executive Producer | Baskets on FX


Season Premiere January 23 at 10PM

Anna Dokoza

Executive Producer / Unit Production Manager

Anna Dokoza is an Australian/American/Croatian television Producer and Director.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Anna started her career in the news world (Associated Press TV, ABC News, 60 Minutes Australia) before making her way to the U.S. where she quickly became a force in the unscripted world. She was a director on Adventures In Hollywood, Project Runway and Viva La Bam among others.

Anna transitioned to scripted television when she produced Flight Of The Conchords. With this Emmy®-nominated show as her launching pad, Anna would go on to produce multiple projects such as John Oliver: Terrifying Times, Bored To Death, Up All Night, Brothers In Atlanta, Ali G Rezurection, and A to Z. After working on the first season of Baskets, Anna went on to produce HBO's Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Insecure.

Anna currently resides in Los Angeles, but still considers herself a New Yorker.