Isaiah John as Leon Simmons | Snowfall | FX



Isaiah John plays the volatile “Leon Simmons.” As life-long friends, Franklin and Leon's lives have diverged over the past few years, with Franklin attending school in the valley as Leon served time in juvenile hall for assault.

Recently released and back in the world, Leon attaches himself to Franklin's rising star, willing to do whatever dirt needs doing in order to rise up.

Isaiah John was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. From an early age, John knew that he wanted to be an entertainer. Every weekend, he and his two siblings would perform shows for their parents. At the age of 14, John began to express an interest in acting. In 2009, he displayed his acting chops in a student film called No Way Out. After his time on that set, John discovered a deeper love for the craft of acting.

John went on to train with Carl Ford and other great acting coaches. As much as he enjoyed being in front of the camera, he also wanted experience working behind it. Wanting to understand what it takes to put together a full production, John worked as a production assistant. This gave him great insight and helped him further develop his craft.

John has worked on multiple short films, television pilots, movies and PSA’s. In between acting jobs, he worked as a janitor at a local gym. Even after he booked a role on Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, John kept his job as a janitor and would rise at the crack of dawn to fulfill his duties.

Booking the role of "Leon Simmons" on Snowfall confirmed for John that he was on the right track in following his dreams to become an actor. He considers himself truly blessed to be working on a show with such an incredibly talented cast and crew, including John Singleton, whose work he has always admired.