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JAX : “I’m sorry, JT. It was too late for me. I was already inside it. And
Gemma… she had plans. But it’s not to late for my boys. I promise, they will never know this life. I understand who you are now. What you did. I love you, dad.”


That’s a wrap on Sons of Anarchy! Can you believe it? How’s everyone feeling out there? It’s hard to believe that this seven-year journey has come to an end. I wanted to share with you pictures from set on the very last day of filming the series to give you a taste of the behind-the-scenes action. The last day consisted of Jax’s ride on Highway 580 while being chased by several cop cars. Our crew did an outstanding job getting those beautiful shots of Jax’s final ride. The shots included a helicopter, camera bike and pursuit vehicle. (pics below)


When we called the final wrap, Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal, Paris Barclay and Charlie Hunnam all addressed the crew expressing gratitude. There were a lot of tears, hugs and goodbyes but also happiness of completing a journey.


We wouldn’t have the success of this show without our loyal and dedicated fans. This journey we embarked is yours just as much as it is ours… so thank you!!




“I love you, Jackson. From the deepest, purest part of my heart.” 

Wow. What an episode. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I cried while watching this episode and I’ve seen it more than once. We lost three beloved characters, Gemma, Juice and Unser. Each of them brought something different to the series whether you loved them or hated them. They will be missed. And how about that song, “Make it Rain”?! Ed Sheeran is an incredible artist, the song was haunting and a perfect way to end the episode.


I wanted to share some pictures from tonight’s episode of Anarchy Afterword, featuring guests Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay, Dayton Callie, Katey Sagal, and hosted by super fan Kevin Ryder. We are all such huge Sons of Anarchy fans and love to come together each week and geek out with the rest of you as Kurt tells us the methods to his madness. Even with the heavy episodes we find a way to laugh!




This episode killed me.  The scene between Juice and Jax was absolutely heart wrenching.  The acting between Theo Rossi and Charlie Hunnam was extraordinary, I felt the depth of pain that both of those characters felt.  Speaking of acting, how incredible was Jimmy Smits in the scene when Nero finds out the real truth about Gemma?  Good. God.  What an incredible tear jerking moment.   It’s hard to fathom that we have only two episodes left of the series.  What do you think will happen?  What is Jax going to do with the information Juice told him?  And where does Nero fit in?

This past weekend I went to the Barnes and Noble book signing for the new book, Sons of Anarchy:  Bratva, written by Christopher Golden.  The book is a companion piece set after the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy from the mind of Kurt Sutter.  You can check out the book here.


Kurt was on hand to sign copies of the books for all the fans who showed up on Saturday.  It was a great event and we have some pretty awesome fans!






The cat is FINALLY out of the bag!!! This episode had so many incredible moments it was hard to keep up. Tig and Venus were amazing and that opening montage? Wow. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

One of the great things about Sons of Anarchy is the incredible music that music supervisor Bob Thiele and Kurt Sutter introduce through out show. I recently sat down with Jake Smith from The White Buffalo whose songs have appeared in countless episodes. In fact every time I think of an iconic moment from the series, I remember the song that was playing and it’s always performed by The White Buffalo with Jake’s hauntingly beautiful voice. It was so incredible meeting him and hearing about what he had to say, take a look.

How did you originally become involved with Sons of Anarchy?

At the time I had no label, management, or publisher. What I did have was a good lawyer, Steve Sessa. He asked Bob Thiele the Music Supervisor to lunch and pitched my music to him. Steve was a huge SOA fan and saw the parallels of good and evil in the show and in my compositions. I’ve now had 8 or 9 original songs placed and have collaborated on others vocally.

In the season 4 finale, your song House of the Rising Sun played over the closing montage. I noticed that the words were changed to fit the show. Can you discuss the creative process of making the song?

I had little to do with HOTRS lyrically but only lent my voice to the process. Most of my songs used in the series were previously recorded and not intended for the show. Songs like, “The Matador”, “Wish it was True”, “Oh Darlin What Have I Done” and “The Whistler” all seemed to just fit perfectly to help guide the storyline.

What song were you most proud of that Kurt approached you about incorporating onto Sons of Anarchy?

We are actually working on a track for an upcoming show with lyrics penned by Kurt himself and put to music and melody by Bob and myself. It’s both disturbing and beautiful all at the same time.

What’s up next for The White Buffalo?
We have begun preproduction on the album and hope to release in the middle of 2015. Also I’m playing live and touring all the time.

To check out more of The White Buffalo’s amazing music check out their iTunes page: and check out their web page for all latest on The White Buffalo:



What A Piece Of Work Is Man

R.I.P Bobby Munson. It seems that things are unraveling fast and Jax has lost a brother who meant quite a deal to him. Bobby always wanted what was best for the club. He was the moral compass. He was the compassionate fighter for what was right. His mark on the club and those around him will forever be missed.


Mark Boone JR did an incredible job bringing out the human side to Bobby. From Elvis to porn accountant to the true consigliore, he was a force. The last day on set for Boone was a somber one. All of the casts were there support him filming his last scenes, even the ones who were not working. The cast and crew are a family and support one another until the end.


Four more episodes to go kids, are you ready? Do you think Abel will make a move and tell Jax, Wendy or even Gemma what he heard? And what about poor Juice! He is living his own private hell. I’m not sure if I’m ready for what happens next!!




The Separation of Crows

Bobby! Poor sweet Bobby, I don’t if I can take much more of him being torture. And Jury? Wow. Jax is making some pretty rash decisions, who do you think is the rat? And how about Abel? He is starting to be a force to be reckoned with! Gemma has her hands full. With so much going on in this episode, I decided to sit down with Director, Writer and Producer Charles Murray to discuss his directing debut on Sons of Anarchy!

I heard this is your television-directing debut, what is the difference from shooting your recent feature, “Things Never Said” and your episode of “Sons of Anarchy?”

The biggest difference was money. “Things Never Said”, all in, cost $300k shot over 20 days and Sons of Anarchy was shot in seven for a few million. The budgetary constrictions of the film became the time constrictions of the episode. But talking to actors and dealing with camera and crew is the same no matter how you slice it if you’re trying to do quality work.


Can you talk to me about the process of directing an episode of Sons of Anarchy, what does the director’s prep entail?

Prep is making sure every fine detail that’s in a script is brought to life as close to how your writer or show runner envisions it. So, prep has to be thorough. You don’t want to end up on set wondering where a prop is, or why costumes don’t have the appropriate shirt. Each meeting is probably enough to make you say, “I’m gonna go home and take a nap” after each, but you get into the rhythm and before you know it, it’s time to shoot.

You are also a writer on the show, what was like to transition from the writers’ room to the director’s chair?

I’ve always felt directing was a natural extension of writing. If you were to read a script out loud and guide people around you’d be directing, so it never felt like something that was foreign to me. The biggest difference I guess would be that this is the first thing I directed I didn’t write.


Finally, What was your favorite scene to direct in “The Separation of Crows”?

Favorite? Each one was special because it was my first episode, ya know? All of the actors/actresses gave their best and I was able to direct as a fan, watching each take unfold. The fan boy in me has this to say though, I’ve been wanting to work with Jimmy Smits since he was Victor Sifuentes on LA LAW — ’cause I LOVE Jimmy Smits. And that came true with this episode. So, I’m happy.