Kurt Sutter barely graduated high school, had one of the lowest SAT's in his class and went to the only state college that would take him. A fucked-up home, childhood obesity, food/drug addiction and relentless television watching all contributed to his absurd, insular world of violent fantasies and sexual dreams. He hardly reads books, he plays a fuckload of games and his only marketable skill is his imagination.

Recently, he signed a three-year deal with FX and 20th Century to continue running Sons of Anarchy and develop new projects. He is thrilled about that. He ventured into reality programming this year with a new documentary series set up at the Discovery Channel, called, Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires. Nobody watched it. Along with his TV work, he has feature projects in development at MGM, Sony and Warner Bros. His script, Southpaw, written as a starring vehicle for Eminem, has Antoine Fuqua attached to direct. It will probably never get made.

The thing that makes Sutter remotely human and considerably happy is his family - his wife, Katey and their three kids, Sarah, Jackson and Esm?.

Kurt's latest passion is birds. We think it's a mid-life crisis. Which I guess is better than hookers and crack.