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Vincent Ward has enjoyed a varied and admirable career. After an impressive college basketball career, Vincent went on to perform in the dance duo “Night & Day.” Because of his and his partner's exceptional skill and height they were approached to perform with the likes of MC Hammer and Heavy D & The Boys.

Having been inspired by the local theatre in Dayton, Ohio, Vincent began focusing on his acting career. That decision led him from performing in diverse educational local productions to a number of memorable appearances on television and in film. Vincent has appeared in hit shows such as True Blood, Army Wives, The Starter Wife, NCIS, and a number of others. His most recent work includes a highly acclaimed eight-episode arc on the hit AMC show The Walking Dead. Vincent also recently finished shooting the horror/thriller film Live/Evil with Tony Todd and FX’s Wilfred.

Vincent continues to create memorable characters for various projects and is always looking for ways to give back to the community that helped him realize his dreams.