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Randall is the Executive Producer and Director for Wilfred. He honed his skills as an outdoor adventure cinematographer on shows like Eco Challenge and Survivor. This led to a foundational role as “The Documentarian” on the newly ordered NBC series The Office, which was striving for an authentic cinéma vérité style. From episode one, Randall established the look, kinetic feel, and humor of this character. Over the first five seasons, he rose from director of photography / camera operator and consultant, to become the most prolific director of the show during the seasons in which the series garnered multiple Emmy® Award wins.

Randall has directed Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie and many others. Although he continues to work episodically, his directing has led to producorial work for FX. He served as a producer and series director on multiple seasons of the hit comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. FX next hired him to helm their new comedy pilot Wilfred, on which he has served as executive producer and in-house director for three seasons.

In addition to his on-going work on Wilfred, Randall has recently signed an overall deal to develop new material for FX, and he is also expanding to features. He is currently attached to direct Late Bloomer and the end of world comedy Doomsday.