The FX Skill for Amazon Alexa

Experience FX in an entirely new way, now fully optimized for all second generation Echo devices. Explore FX and FXX’s critically-acclaimed dramas and comedies on your Alexa-enabled device. Now available in the
Amazon Skills Store

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In the FX Skill, say "Alexa, play podcast"

"Alexa, play Archer Trivia"

"Alexa, show me the gallery for Snowfall"

"Alexa, show me Featured Clips"

"Alexa, what comedy shows are on FX?"

"Alexa, show me Behind the Scenes content for Mayans"

"Alexa, hear from Cast & Crew for Better Things"

"Alexa, when can I watch new episodes of You're the Worst?"

"Alexa, how can I watch You're the Worst?"

"Alexa, learn about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

"Alexa, where can I watch Atlanta?"

The FX Skill for Amazon Alexa

Ask "Alexa, open FX" to enter the skill. Once in the skill, you can:

  • Find out about your favorite FX and FXX Original Series.

    "Alexa, what shows are on?"
    "Alexa, what series are on?"
    "Alexa, what's on FX?"
    "Alexa, tell me about the show Mayans M.C.?"
    "Alexa, I want to hear about Nip/Tuck."
    "Alexa, show me past seasons for American Horror Story"

  • Discover exclusive audio and video content for FX and FXX Original Series.

    "Alexa, behind the scenes content for American Horror Story."
    "Alexa, bonus content for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
    "Alexa, tell me about Rescue Me?"
    "Alexa, show me Snowfall galleries."
    "Alexa, tell me about Mayans MC cast & crew."

  • Discover exclusive fan content, including audio and video Easter Eggs.

    "Alexa, what are kitten mittens?"
    "Alexa, what should I do for Y2K?"
    "Alexa, what’s on Danger Island?"
    "Alexa, what should I do with my life?"
    "Alexa, where can I get wigs and capes?"