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First Look at Jessica Lange's Return to American Horror Story

American Horror Story

First Look at Jessica Lange's Return to American Horror Story

Making her first appearance since Freak Show, the Emmy®-winner will reprise her season one role in "Return to Murder House."

"Now who do you think you are?"

And with just that one line, Jessica Lange is (almost) back. In the teaser for the upcoming episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, we only see glimpses of her Murder House character Constance Langdon. We also only hear but one line, but that should more than enough for AHS fans hoping to tide themselves over until next Wednesday's episode.

In the promo for "Return to Murder House," we see Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) arriving at and purchasing the house that brought down horrors upon horrors on the Harmon family. The house that also just may be the birthplace of the antichrist himself.

"The spirits do not want to talk to us," Behold Chablis says in the promo. "If we want to see them, we have to force them out of hiding." We then see glimpses of Rubber Man and a (presumably) young Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) looking horrified at something, but the real treat is saved for the end. Jessica Lange in all her glory, floating down the staircase and demanding to know why Madison, Behold Chablis and Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson, playing her third character of the season) have come to the house.

We know fans can't wait for the clash between Madison and Constance and the return of the Harmon Family (Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Taissa Farmiga). So watch the promo above constantly on loop—you know you want to, and get ready for "Return to Murder House."