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Better Things Season Three Receives Glowing Reviews

Better Things

Better Things Season Three Receives Glowing Reviews

Critics are praising the work of executive producer, director, writer and star Pamela Adlon.

Better Things just keeps getting better and better.

Season three of the acclaimed and award-winning FX comedy series, premiering February 28 at 10pm, will once again feature Pamela Adlon's take on raising daughters, earning a living and trying to squeeze time for herself in between all the madness. And that madness has led to a captivating new season that have critics raving.

Adlon, who directed every episode of the third season, told critics at FX's 2019 Winter TCA Press Tour that the show is "therapy" for her and her writing team.

"I have this saying: 'Bad for my life, good for my show,'" she said. She should add "good for the viewers" to the phrase because as Vulture's Matt Zoller Seitz writes about the third season: "Better Things is the best the show has ever been."


Check out more glowing accolades for the series in our roundup below:

"Adlon has steered Better Things into becoming one of TV’s best depictions of what it means to be a family, by blood and by choice. Working in the roles of writer, producer and the show’s sole director, Adlon has created a unique TV world in which she can be completely frank about the granular frustrations of parenting, the powerful defiance of daughters and the realities of aging. . . . And so Better Things feels a bit freer to be its most audacious self this season.—Caroline Framke, Variety

"Watching Sam on the warpath, with a rude school mom or an arrogant director on a dehumanizing movie set, is to marvel at her nerve and guts. And yet for all of its barbed and scatological humor — be warned, there's a colonoscopy episode — there's an unvarnished honesty to Better Things that has a way of grabbing and moving you just when you least expect it."—Matt Roush, TVGuide

"Season 3 of Better Things feels like the long-awaited return of an old familiar friend. . . . The show, a semi-autobiographical depiction of Adlon’s life, is still silly, touching, absurdist, invigorating. The ’60s and ’70s pop/rock throwbacks can still pack a gut punch at the right moment."—Aisha Harris, The New York Times


"The return of Pamela Adlon's Better Things for a third season on FX is once again, a sheer joy to behold. Though sometimes awkward and sometimes heart wrenching in many ways. . . . Adlon, who directed every episode of this new season and penned almost all of them, has taken the great show Better Things already was and made it even better this year.—Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood

"The third season of Pamela Adlon’s Better Things is the best the show has ever been. Even when the characters are hurting themselves, being petty and hypocritical, and otherwise making a mess of things, it’s a pleasure to watch because so much care and thought have gone into each frame and line. . . . The serenely focused filmmaking lets Better Things seem light on its feet when the material is heavy."—Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

"Better Things remains television’s most rewarding and perfectly rendered depiction of the myriad tiny struggles intrinsic to getting through a day on this earth. . . . Everything about Better Things feels personal, and yet somehow vastly relatable to anyone who has ever loved a child, agonized over a difficult parent, endured an unsatisfying job, or wondered whether pushing their own personal rock up the hill yet again was really worth it. Maybe that all sounds too heavy, and if so, I apologize — because Better Things, at its best, makes the labor we call life feel a lot more like love."—Kristen Baldwin, Entertainment Weekly


"Better Things is an unparalleled accomplishment, and a true original to boot. . . . Season 3 is an evolution inspired by many but guided by one constant voice. Adlon packs her series with touching moments, hilarious set-ups, thoughtful reveries, heartbreaking choices, and relatable circumstances, all explored through unique, perceptive perspectives. Her series deserves to be dissected every week, even when the urge to keep watching, to stay in this world for as long as possible, proves impossible to resist. Better Things is the best of us, and even in February, it’s likely the best TV series of the year. Just when you think you’re on top of it, Adlon takes you somewhere new. And it’s unequivocally clear now we can trust her to keep doing exactly that.—Ben Travers, IndieWire

"The series is about many things, including motherhood, friendship, aging and messy relationships, but underlining all those topics is a core theme: the value, and the challenge, of simply showing up. . . . And time after time, this sharply observed, heartfelt, absolutely wonderful dramedy illustrates how much her mere presence ends up mattering. . . . Because almost every scene either features Sam or has characters talking about her, there’s a risk of the series feeling like Adlon’s love letter to herself. But Adlon gives her fictionalized stand-in clear and observable flaws. And if she just wanted the series to be a celebration of her own awesomeness, well, it’s great enough that she’s earned that right."—Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone