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Archer Season 10 Details Revealed

Comic Con

Archer Season 10 Details Revealed

Archer: 1999, set in space, will have the whole cast returning and will feature eight episodes.

Blast off! (Archer had something for this, we swear).

The cast and creators of Archer descended on San Diego Comic-Con 2018 to a packed room of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans. And while there were plenty of jokes fired back and forth between the stars and at least one “phrasing” thrown in there, what really got the audience going were the new details about Archer’s tenth season.

Archer: 1999, as teased in the season nine finale, will be set in space with H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates and Adam Reed all returning to bring their characters to life.


“Sterling Archer, the rackish co-captain of the space freighter M/V Seamus, is drifting through space and let’s face it, drifting through life,” executive producer Casey Willis revealed during the panel. “Joining him on this intergalactic adventure are his co-captain by way of nasty divorce, Lana Kane; mother and possible being of pure energy, Malory Archer; the bothersome, self-proclaimed first mate, Cyril Figgis; the hotshot fighter pilot, Cheryl and/or Carol Tunt; the universe’s loneliest courtesan, Ray Gillette; the brutish, alienoid, Pam Poovey; and the synthetic human, Dr. Algernop Krieger. Join them as they battle Dri’n space pirates and outwit bounty hunters with names like Barry 6. Blast off to adventure, blast off to Archer: 1999.”

Excited to see your favorite Archer characters on a rollicking space adventure? We don’t blame you. We’re happy to let you know that the talented team is well underway creating some truly out of this world (see what we did there?) episodes.

“We’ve literally just started working on it over the last couple weeks,” executive producer Matt Thompson said. “We recorded the first episode.” Willis also teased there might be “mystery and horror” aspects to Archer: 1999 in the same vein as the 1997 sci-fi classic Event Horizon.


Archer has visited different time periods and explored different genres over the past nine seasons, like Archer: Vice in season five and Archer: Dreamland in season eight.

“(Creator) Adam [Reed] has had a plan going since season seven,” Willis said. “It’s all leading somewhere and I think everyone is going to be really excited to see where it goes.”

Do you know who else showed up at Comic-Con? Crackers, of course, and he packed more than one costume. Check out his ridiculously awesome cosplay in the video below and ready yourself to party like it’s Archer: 1999.