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Everything We Learned About What We Do in the Shadows at New York Comic Con

Comic Con

Everything We Learned About What We Do in the Shadows at New York Comic Con

Executive producers Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi and Paul Simms previewed the upcoming FX comedy series, based on the 2014 film, to a packed ballroom.

On Sunday, Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi and Paul Simms gave excited fans exactly what they were hoping for: a first look at the highly-anticipated comedy series What We Do in the Shadows. And what better place to reveal vampire secrets than at New York Comic Con?

After screening the premiere episode to a packed ballroom in Manhattan, the executive producers took the stage to reveal new details about Shadows, which will follow three vampires who have been roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years. The series, which is executive produced by Clement, Waititi, Simms, Scott Rudin, Eli Bush and Garrett Basch, stars Matt Berry, Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen and Mark Proksch.  

We know you're positively thirsty for more info. (See what we did there?) Read on to catch up on everything that came out of What We Do in the Shadows NYCC panel.


The Series Is Set on Staten Island
"We wanted the idea that the vampires had been sent maybe 200 years ago, to conquer America, but had sort of lost their way and forgotten," Simms revealed during the panel. "They’d gotten to New York, and that’s where the boat dropped them off, and they never went any farther and before they knew it, a lot of time had passed."

The big apple wasn't the only setting the team discussed, but one specific location was immediately taken off the table for a very obvious reason.

"[It] can’t be L.A.," Clement reasoned. "Too sunny."

But the Vampires Will Make It to Manhattan
What happens when Staten Island vampires hit the big city and run into Manhattan vampires? Thankfully, we'll get to see that scenario play out in the show.

"We’re about to shoot an episode where they venture into Manhattan for the first time. They sort of think that Staten Island is all of New York or maybe even all of America, but there’s a whole story where they go into Manhattan for the first time to meet the Manhattan vampires, who are a little bit cooler than they are," Simms previewed.


Not All the Vampires Will Suck Blood
One of the vampires living in the house will actually be an "energy vampire." Instead of drinking the blood of his victims, he bores them to death with terribly mundane stories.

"We hadn’t thought about anything like that for the movie. But when I was reading about different kinds of vampires, there was one that people mentioned as a real type of vampire that exists and that we all come up against." Clement said. "And I could think of conversations I've had where I've been trapped by someone, and probably people have felt like that with me there."

There Will Be a Devoted Human in the House
Just like in the film, one of the vampires has a human “familiar” who performs necessary tasks around the house, and who hopes that his years of service will earn him the chance to become a vampire himself.

"When I was writing the pilot, I was thinking that they’re all murderers, so you need someone to balance that," Clement said of the human character. "He’ll have to wrestle, of course, with that idea when he becomes a vampire—if he does, he’ll have to do those things, too."


The Series Takes Place in the Same World as the Film
Since this is all taking place in the same universe that Clement and Waititi created for the film, it's possible one day the two groups of characters will meet. But Clement said it would take something "really disastrous" to bring the film characters and the television characters together. But it's nice to know that there's always a chance to do a crossover episode of sorts.

"I’d like to say that our characters [from the film] are still in New Zealand at the same time, there’s a chance that there could be some crossover," Waititi, who also directed the pilot, said.

What We Do in the Shadows is set to premiere in the Spring of 2019 on FX.