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New Archer: 1999 Details Revealed

Comic Con

New Archer: 1999 Details Revealed

The cast and executive producer of the FXX-animated comedy revealed season 10 scoop, including the return of a fan favorite character.

Are you ready to hitch a rocket ship straight to the (space) danger zone?

Archer: 1999 is preparing to blast off. (Phrasing?) The cast and executive producer of the FXX-animated comedy series hit New York Comic Con to spill all the details on the upcoming tenth season of Archer. Obviously, fans didn't get all the scoop on Archer and the team’s trip to the stars, but they got enough details to sufficiently whet their appetite.

Read on below to find out more on the return of a fan favorite character, the return of a fan favorite catchphrase and everything you wanted to know about Pam's character—including detail you wish you could forget.


"Phrasing" Makes a Big Return
The iconic line that's been part of the show's lexicon from the beginning makes its triumphant return in Archer: 1999…with a twist.

"This season we’ve been saying ‘space phrasing,’” Matt Thompson revealed to an excited audience. “We have been putting space in front of a lot of words just to be stupid. I think Jessica [Walter] says in the background of one scene, ‘Space called it.’”

Lana and Archer Will Yell at Each Other. A lot.
Aisha Tyler said that she's been having so much fun yelling at H. Jon Benjamin during this season. After all, Archer and Lana are divorced in Archer: 1999, but still trying to copilot the M/V Seamus amicably.

Malory Will Physically Be Different, But Remain the Same Inside
Though Archer's mom is actually a sphere in the upcoming season, that's the only thing different about Malory.

"She's just Malory. She's Malory inside the ball, and she's Malory outside. She's got balls," Jessica Walter said.


Pam Will Be a Very Interesting Creature
Pam Poovey isn't human this time around, but a hulking rock monster that Aisha Tyler so eloquently described as "if The Thing had a really bad case of eczema." Sounds awesome, right? But wait. There's more.

"We find out that the creature that Pam is, when they're aroused in a sexual manner, they get a boner that apparently you can smell if you're in the room with them," Amber Nash told fans. “It’s very unnerving. I haven’t been able to sleep since. Everyone’s like, ‘Aw, Pam we can smell your boner.’”

Who wants to bet we will hear the phrase "space boner" at some point in season ten?

Barry Is Back…
The NYCC audience erupted in cheers when Thompson said that Archer's nemesis would be back, and he'll still be a full-on robot. Does that sound good, Barry? It sure does, Other Barry.

…And So Is Brett! Rejoice!
The bullet magnet is returning in Archer: 1999. How or why? We'll find out next year. Will he get shot again? We are betting yes.


It's a Nice Day for an Archer Wedding
When asked about how they'd like to wrap up the series, whenever that may be, one of the cast members pitched an Archer wedding. But not between Lana and Archer.

Amber Nash is hoping for a "big '80s wedding" between Pam and Archer. with Pam carrying her new husband off into the sunset. If there is even the slightest possibility of that happening, we'd like to RSVP for that ridiculous union immediately.

Archer: 1999 is set to take flight in 2019 on FXX.