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18 Always Sunny Tips to Survive Awkward Holiday Dinners

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

18 Always Sunny Tips to Survive Awkward Holiday Dinners

Put these iconic quotes in your back pocket for when being home for the holidays takes an inevitably uncomfortable turn.

The holidays can be rough, dude. There’s so much to do, so many people to see, so many awkward family dinners to get through and so many terrifying shopping encounters at the mall. It’s enough to break anyone. Luckily, there is a show that understands your rage: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. And when the holiday blues get you down, drive you up the wall, or generally make things so. damn. awkward, you can look to The Gang for a little friendly advice.

Try these lines when you get stuck in a conversational bind or a distant relative drops a comment that literally blows your mind. Full disclosure: It might not actually make things better, but it will be cathartic as hell.

1. Whenever You Enter a Room (Set The Tone Early, Folks)

2. When Your Aunt References "An Article" She Read About How Unmarried 30-Somethings Have Shorter Life Expectancies 

3. When Your Mom and Your Aunt Ask Who Makes The Better Pumpkin Pie and You Know There Is No Right Answer 

4. When One of Your Relatives Says You’re "Looking Healthy"

5. When Mom Asks You If You Like Her New Rum Ball Recipe

6. When Literally Anyone Asks Why You’re Still Single

7. When Your Little Cousin Is Taking Too Long to Open Their Many, Many Presents and You Just Want to Move Onto Pie Already

8. When Someone Starts Talking About Their Divorce Again

9. When Your Mom’s Green Bean Casserole Has Extra Fried Onions on Top, Just Like You Requested

10. When Christmas Dinner Is Going on For Way Too Long

11. When Your Sibling Shows Up With More Wine

12. When Someone Catches You Trying to Take the Last Snickerdoodle and You Were Trying To Be Sly

13. When You Realize You Forgot to Buy Your Grandma’s Gift and You Have to Go Back To the Mall on Christmas Eve 

14. When Someone Says "Eggnog Is Gross" But You Know It’s Actually Delightful and You’re Ready to Win That Debate 

15. When That One Uncle Starts Hitting the Hooch a Little Too Hard and a Little Too Early

16. And When Things Escalate and Your Drunk Uncle Starts Telling Inappropriate Jokes

17. When Mom and Dad Start Getting Tipsy on The Christmas Spirit and Spill a Little Too Much About Their Relationship 

18. When You Run Out Solutions (and Patience) Altogether