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Definitive Proof Charlie From Always Sunny Is an Actual Child

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Definitive Proof Charlie From Always Sunny Is an Actual Child

Charlie had his own version of Home Alone and in turn proved once and for all that he is and always will be a total man-child.

Fly, Eagles, fly, baby! The Philadelphia Eagles, The Gang's favorite team, made it to the Super Bowl, so naturally the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew decided to head to Minneapolis to watch the birds bring home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time ever.

But in "Charlie's Home Alone," The Gang forgot one very important person: Charlie (Charlie Day). Because our favorite man-child is essentially just an actual child anyway, he channeled his inner Macaulay Culkin and reenacted Home Alone in a very Charlie way as he cheered for the Birds and completed all of his superstitious rituals. Sure, he almost died. But no one was really surprised by that. This is Charlie we're talking about after all.


The episode also raised one very important question: is Charlie really an adult? Because we have a hypothesis that he's 100 percent an actual child. Hear us out — we'd like to present you with some solid evidence:

1. He Can't Be Trusted With Sharp Objects

After Charlie roots through everybody's things, he decides to set a trap for burglars (always a good idea). But since he's also Charlie, he gets caught in his own trap and almost bleeds out on the floor of Paddy's.

2. He Can't Read

Reminder: this sweet little lamb is definitely illiterate, and when he writes a sign to post on Paddy's door telling customers they're closed, he only manages to spell one word correctly (and, mysteriously, that word is "salmonella.").

3. He Dresses Like a Kid

Okay, so Charlie's not the only full-grown adult to wear ratty pajamas or jeans and old t-shirts and hoodies outside of his home, but it's definitely not a point in the "mature" column.

4. He Eats Things He Definitely Shouldn't

You know how some kids take a very long time get over the phase where they'll put literally anything they come across in their mouths? Charlie didn't fully grow out of it, so when a rat gets caught in his trap and he realizes he hasn't eaten anything brown (to complete his color ritual that will help the Eagles win), he eats it. Raw.

5. He's Very Resilient

On the bright side, Charlie is just like Chumbawamba in that when he gets knocked down, he gets back up again. Or, you know how kids fall all the time when they're learning about spatial awareness and how walking works, but then they're totally fine because the human body is resilient? Charlie is like that all the time.

6. He Loves Arts and Crafts

If making a huge trap for burglars out of things he had lying around Paddy's isn't crafting, then nothing is. (It's totally crafting.)

We rest our case. Charlie is an actual child and Dee (Kaitlin Olson), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Frank (Danny DeVito) are his parents. Or his siblings. Or his weird uncle and creepy aunt. Or all of the above. Basically, The Gang is one, big dysfunctional family trying to raise Charlie to become a man. Maybe one day?

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