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How Mac Actually Found His Pride on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

How Mac Actually Found His Pride on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The season 13 finale took Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Frank (Danny DeVito) on a journey that ended with an unforgettable dance sequence. 

The final episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia's 13th season featured Mac finally exploring his identity as a gay man, with some unlikely help: Frank. See, Frank wanted Mac to dance on Paddy’s (completely incredible) gay pride float, and Mac wasn’t feeling very proud.

Frank wasn’t going to let that stand. "I never really got you. And now that you’re gay, I get you even less. Nothing against it, I just don’t get it," he told Mac. "But let’s try and work together, okay? Help me help you. Let’s go find your pride."


And find Mac’s pride they did, heading to several different places where Frank thought Mac could tap into his previously closeted identity. Frank was doing all of this while fighting a nosebleed and he spent the entire episode trying different "techniques" to staunch it. Spoiler alert: it made everything worse.

Did it work? You’ll find out below…

Location: S&M Dungeon

"I’m going to take you to a club, maybe meet a few guys," Frank told Mac. "You’ve got to meet a couple of normal gays."

But this wasn’t exactly normal — it was an underground S&M dungeon with a surprisingly good buffet. "This is a much better spread than they have at the straight orgies," Frank said, impressed.

Did It Work? No. Frank told Mac to go get smacked around, but Mac wasn’t feeling it. "It’s a very small subset of the culture, and it’s totally fine for these guys, but it’s just a little too much for me," he said.
How It Went Wrong: This is Always Sunny, so naturally they couldn’t just walk out without incident like normal people. Instead, they were kicked out by a gimp after Frank put bloody tissues from his nosebleed in the chicken wings. A common mistake!

Location: Drag Bar

As with the S&M dungeon, Mac just wasn’t into it from the outset.

Did It Work? Sort of. Drag just isn’t Mac’s thing, but the location did allow him to finally articulate why he hadn’t come out to his father, Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins): "The struggle to be who I am – I just want to show him so that he can understand."
How It Went Wrong Kind of Right: After Frank found out that Mac hadn't talked to his dad about being gay, he realized Mac could truly find his pride by coming out to this terrifying father. And then Frank dipped a napkin in mimosas to try yet another method for his nose bleed and (surprise, surprise), his face swelled even more.

Location: Prison Visitors Room

After telling Frank he just wanted to show his dad who he truly was as a person, they went to visit his him in prison. But just like Mac predicted, he just couldn’t find the right words.

Did It Work? No. It wasn’t the right medium for Mac’s message.
How It Went Wrong: Mac, as intimidated by his father as ever, somehow left the visit by promising to impregnate a woman and definitely not telling his dad his news. "I never got you, but now I see there’s hope for you yet," his dad told him.

Location: Prison Rec Room

Frank realized that Mac needed to let his message flow, much like the situation on his face (seriously, whatever was going on there was rough). So he and Mac went back to the prison, where Mac was able to dance his heart out for his dad and the other prisoners.

Did It Work? Hell yes. Frank finally got it! Mac’s dad, on the other hand? Still up in the air.
How It Went Wrong: It didn't. Everything that happened on that dancefloor was 100 percent right. But what did Mac’s dad think of it? Guess we’ll have to wait until Season 14. Until then, we’ll be over here watching the incredibly moving dance performance over and over. Why does it take place in the rain? Don’t question it. Just be moved. By the way, the gang did finally get someone to dance on the float: Cricket (David Hornsby).