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Get to Know…Mayans M.C.'s Raoul Max Trujillo

Mayans M.C.

Get to Know…Mayans M.C.'s Raoul Max Trujillo

The Vice President of the Mayans M.C. talks to us about how he went from the stage to the dance floor to his acting career on film and television.

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Name: Raoul Max Trujillo
Role: Che ‘Taza’ Romero, FX's Mayans M.C.
Previous Work: Hard Powder, Soldado, Octavio Is Dead, Blood Father, Cowboys and Aliens, Apocalypto, The New World, Saints & Strangers, Dancing, Frontier, Da Vinci’s Demons

When there is downtime on set, what are you usually doing?
Working out, except when it's really hot. When it's like in the 100s, forget about it! Interestingly enough, [the cast] also hang out together. We hang with each other and tell stories and joke and learn more about each other, so that's kind of what really helps unify us as a group, as an ensemble for acting. We care about each other quite a bit in a very short time.

What was the first acting job you ever had?
I started in theater. My debut was a play called Equus, a Peter Shaffer play. From there, everybody thought or assumed I was a dancer because of the way I moved, but I wasn't. I was a skier. I was a gymnast. I was a mover, but that led me to a whole other route becoming a dancer for 10 years. I toured the world with a dance company in New York. Then after that break, I was still feeling the itch of wanting to act because I knew deep down that was calling me, whether it was stage or whatever, I didn't judge. I just said, "I want to act." I want to be on stage, so to speak.


If you weren't an actor, what would you be doing? What kind of job would you want?
I think what I do in my real life. I'm a horse man. I raise horses and live on a ranch. When I'm not working in cities all over the planet, that's where I'm at, riding horses and putting up and fixing fences and planting trees and building.

What's something that always makes you feel better when you're in a bad mood?
I have to do something movement wise whether it’s riding a horse, riding a bike, going out on my motorcycle. I have to be physical. Even if it’s just [going] out on a walk, I have to move. I figure if I sit there in it, it's going to get worse. There's an old saying, "If you stop moving you die."

What's one thing you never leave the house without?
Well, these days I have to say it's always my phone. Sad to say.

The cast care about each other quite a bit in a very short time.

What is your favorite place in the world to visit?
There are so many and they're so many still to come. I have to say Morocco and Turkey are on the top of my list, for sure, but I love revisiting Europe. I go to Europe every year to work and it is still awesome.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
The best piece of advice I was told years ago—over 30 years ago, "Don't take anything personally from anybody." Because then you don't make it about you and then you don't go into this weird downspin [over] something that's just not about you. You go to the checkout at the store and the woman or whoever's there is in a bad mood…it's not about you. Just let it go. Give love back. Don't take it personal and give love back.