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Kurt Sutter Dives Deep on Mayans M.C. Pilot Process

Mayans M.C.

Kurt Sutter Dives Deep on Mayans M.C. Pilot Process

New documentary gives viewers a one-of-a-kind insider's look at how much work went into making the next chapter of the Sons of Anarchy saga.

The phrase "it takes a village" takes on a whole new meaning when you watch Mayans M.C. creator Kurt Sutter bring his vision from script to screen.

In the new short documentary that chronicles the creation of the next chapter of the Sons of Anarchy saga, now available on FX Network's YouTube channel, Sutter shows fans the brutally honest truth of what it took to make the new series a reality. And it turns out, the process was pretty similar to what it took to get Sons of Anarchy off the ground, long before Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) was a household name.

"These are the same notes I got in the SOA pilot," he muses after anxiously awaiting feedback on his first attempt at the Mayans pilot. The doc follows Sutter through every part of production — from location scouting for that first episode, to directing the pilot, to recieving notes from FX executives, to implementing those changes and hiring a new director to reshoot the pilot, we see it all. And in typical Sutter fashion, he's utterly candid at every step. "I had too many f—ing hats on," he admits at one point.

In addition to recasting the villain (something that also happened when he shot the pilot for SOA and replaced Scott Glenn with Ron Pearlman, who then became the only Clay Morrow fans have ever known), the new pilot also saw the appointment of a new director in Norberto Barba, known for his work on Lights Out, Grimm and Law & Order: SVU.


It's a bold move to show fans the honest truth behind the highs and lows of creating a new series, but as he proves throughout the documentary, Sutter never shies away from fearlessness.  

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesday nights on FX.