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Mr Inbetween Garners Positive Reviews

Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween Garners Positive Reviews

Critics call the FX drama series "a stunning revelation" and praises star Scott Ryan as "an exceptional talent."

Hitman Ray Shoesmith (Scott Ryan) claims to not really enjoy hitting people, but we have the feeling everyone will love to watch him not enjoy it.

Mr Inbetween, premiering tonight on FX, is a half-hour drama series created by and starring Ryan as a criminal-for-hire that is also juggling roles as father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend. The first season’s six episodes (all directed by Nash Edgerton) provide plenty of room for action and dark humor to entertain viewers with a story that critics call "a stunning revelation."

A criminal-for-hire with a moral center and a severe anger management problem makes for a fascinatingly complex character that Ryan plays with a "compulsively watchable physical presence," writes Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall. The Hollywood Reporter praises Ryan as an actor, too, as well as a writer who has crafted "something fresh and unpredictable."

"Mr Inbetween is a coming out of sorts for Ryan as an exceptional talent," Tim Goodman declares.


Check out our complete Mr Inbetween review roundup below:

"Mr Inbetween boasts a cutting sense of humor, and a lead performance to die for … Ryan’s performance is transfixing, as he’s hilarious and horrifying by turns. … Sporting a grin that wouldn’t look amiss on the Joker, Ryan infuses Ray with a volatility that vaults him up to one of the more impressive turns of the year."—Vox

"Well-written … the bad guy you are meant to like."—Los Angeles Times

"Mr Inbetween was nothing short of a stunning revelation … With director and short-film maestro Nash Edgerton (Gringo) directing all the episodes, Mr Inbetween has a formidable duo creating a story that's lean, taut and surprising. In fact, the greatest achievement here might be how Edgerton and Ryan have crafted a master class of storytelling. As an actor, Ryan manages here to be magnetic and menacing, funny, zen in the face of chaos and all of this burnished with some of that melancholy mentioned earlier. You can't take your eyes off of him."—The Hollywood Reporter


"Mr Inbetween stands out by exploring the dangers of routine violence with sobering action scenes. … A rewarding experience worth much more exploration.”—IndieWire

"The show comes to life most often when Ray finds himself in dangerous situations … Mr. Inbetween closes in a way that made me eager to see more."—Roger Ebert

"Ryan has a striking and compulsively watchable physical presence: bald, angular and utterly calm even when he’s preparing to lay a beating on two young punks who ruined his little girl’s ice cream cone. That unflappable demeanor (think: a young Mike Ehrmantraut) suffuses most of the show’s action, as well as its periodic forays into macabre comedy."—Rolling Stone

One of 2018's best shows ... Creator-writer-actor Scott Ryan and director Nash Edgerton deliver a tour de force.

The Hollywood Reporter

"Mr Inbetween gets wilder as it goes along, until the season finale becomes a fully surreal, Fargo-ish tale of a hit gone way wrong."—Entertainment Weekly

"A marvelous tale of an ordinary thug … The show is a little masterpiece of quiet, compulsively watchable comedy/drama. There are no big ideas here, but the strength of its small-scale narrative is breathtaking."—Toronto Globe and Mail 


"As Ray, Mr. Ryan employs a wolfish grin that’s an uncomfortable mix of amused and sadistic, and a low-key acting style that’s practically a non-style … Mr. Inbetween can be enjoyed simply for Mr. Ryan’s ability to put together scenes of slowly simmering absurdity."—The New York Times

"The killer with a heart of gold isn’t a new trope… But Mr Inbetween gives it a fresh and funny going over."—The Boston Globe

Mr Inbetween, also starring Damon Herriman, Justin Rosniak, Brooke Satchwell, Jackson Tozer, Nicholas Cassim, Chika Yasumura and Matt Nable, premieres tonight after Mayans M.C. on FX.