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Critics Praise Pose as “Truly Revolutionary”

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Critics Praise Pose as “Truly Revolutionary”

Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter both rave about the touching family dynamic and exceptional performances in the new FX series.

Pose, the new FX dance musical series from Ryan Murphy, is colorful and outrageous in both its setting (1980s New York ballroom scene) and its characters (an underground LGBTQ community that competes in the balls). And while the beautifully choreographed dance scenes and gorgeous display of ‘80s fashion are part of the show’s fibers, critics are praising the show’s emotional and nuanced take on family, love and being true to yourself.

Entertainment Weekly, calling Pose "groundbreaking yet traditional, unique yet wonderfully old-fashioned," writes that the series is telling “relatable, compelling stories meant to delight and entertain the drama queen in all of us.”


“Even when it ventures into territory that will be unfamiliar to most viewers — like the discrimination against transgender men and women within the gay community itself — Pose lets the characters, rather than the issues, take the lead…For all of its ballroom flash and diva fierceness, Pose is a sweet, touching drama about finding your family, your purpose, yourself. The number of transgender actors in the cast may have made history, but it’s the humanity of the stories they tell that is truly revolutionary,” writes critic Kristen Baldwin.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Fienberg calls Pose "versatile, capable of both universality and vivid specificity" and praises the "exceptional" performances by the onscreen talent, which features the largest cast of transgendered actors in series regular roles and the largest LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted series.


“Murphy and his fellow creators want viewers to be immersed, but they're also mindful of those unfamiliar with the rites and rules of the ball circuit; the show anticipates many of the questions certain viewers might have,” writes Fienberg. “Pose is poignant, funny and completely accessible."

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