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Get to Know…the Cast of Snowfall


Get to Know…the Cast of Snowfall

In part two of our Snowfall Get to Know…series, Michael Hyatt, Dave Andron, Malcolm Mays, and Isaiah John reveal onset secrets.

Editor’s Note: Get to Know… is an editorial series where we ask the faces of FX programming a wide spectrum of questions. Is there a certain FX actor, actress, writer or showrunner you’d like to see in the spotlight? Tweet your request @FXNetworks using the hashtag #FXGettoKnow and they might be featured in the next Get to Know...

Name: Michael Hyatt
Role: Cissy Saint, FX's Snowfall
Previous Work: The West Wing, The Wire, The Kill Point, True Detective, Ray Donovan, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


What's the biggest difference between season one and season two?
It's an interesting change of pace. I think for me and this season, it's an incredibly vulnerable time and it just required a lot of vulnerability. A lot of first times for me, but I knew that I was in good hands, I knew that I was safe.

If there's downtime on set what are you usually doing?
Some of the times scenes can be really intense. And I'm not the kind of actor that can turn it on and off, so I'm usually by myself. And so I just go into a quiet place and wait until it's time for me to tell the story.

What three words would you use to describe your character?
Failure not option.

Name: Malcolm Mays
Role: Kevin Hamilton, FX's Snowfall
Previous Work: Covers, Southpaw, Life of A King, H8RZ, Love Is All You Need?


What's the biggest difference between season one and season two?
Fast burn. Ain't no slow burn no more! It cracks fast. That's how fast this season is.

What's been a really memorable moment on set for you?
We were all making fun of Leon (Isaiah John) for his lack of aggression this season because it seems like he's really pensive and deep and a lot calmer, ironically. So, we were kind of giving him a hard time about that. So DeRay [Davis] jumped in, I'm in, Amin [Joseph] jumped in…everybody jumped in, and kind of made fun of him and that was fun.

What are three words to describe your character?
Out of control.

What are three words to describe yourself?
More in control.

What have you learned from your experience on Snowfall?
I learned how to stay out of trouble. I learned that TV is a malleable beast. And that it can be a very fun ride if you learn to just go with it. That's what I learned.

When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?
I wanted to be an actor as soon as I came out the womb. I think I just I fell in love with stage very early on. And a performance that made me go 'I want to be an entertainer, but I want to be an actor,' that performance had to be My Beautiful Laundrette. Daniel Day- Lewis. That was it for me.

Name: Dave Andron
Role: Co-Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer, FX's Snowfall
Previous Work: Justified, Knight Rider

What's been a really memorable moment on set for you?
In the third episode, we were shooting way out north and we have this scene where Teddy arrives with his brother Matt (Jonathan Tucker) and they land on this airstrip that's supposed to be the Mexican desert. And we actually had this plane come in and land and then get out. it just felt like one of those moments [where] I get to feel the world truly expand and get really big. It was very cool.

How is season one different from season two?
All the worlds collide. All three storylines converge and overlap and it's special. It's a lot of fun.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Passionate, organized and fun-loving. 

What's one thing you learned about yourself from your experience on Snowfall?
This being the first time I've run a show, I think really being able to kind of step back and hire good people and let them do their jobs. You can't do everything. [I learned] to let go a little bit. Delegate a little bit, trust the people you hired to do their jobs and watch them respond and deliver.

Name: Isaiah John
Role: Leon Simmons, FX's Snowfall
Previous Work: Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, When the Street Lights Go On, Finding Carter, Downsized


In what ways are you like your character?
The fact that he loves hard. Whoever he keeps in his circle, he loves them and he's willing to do whatever he has to do to protect them and to make sure that they're okay. I feel like that's where we're the same.

If there's any downtime on set, what are you usually doing?
I’m bothering everyone, like I'm trying to pull a prank on someone. Crew members or castmates, director, producer…someone's going to see me.

What kind of pranks have you pulled on set?
It's usually when people sleep. So if Damson’s [Idris] asleep, I'm either putting him on Snapchat or I'm taking food and I'm kind of like putting it on his face. Nothing that's going to mess up his clothes, because he would be so angry at me, but you know I'm always bothering someone. It's so hilarious.

What's something you learned from your experience on Snowfall?
mething I learned really was the real effects of crack cocaine and the effects it had on the communities in South Central, where everything originated. I knew about it, but I really got to see and really understand it from talking to different people, so I feel like that's really what I learned.