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Get to Know…the Cast of Snowfall


Get to Know…the Cast of Snowfall

In part one of our Snowfall Get to Know… series, Damson Idris, Filipe Valle Costa and Angela Lewis reveal season two secrets.

Editor’s Note: Get to Know… is an editorial series where we ask the faces of FX programming a wide spectrum of questions. Is there a certain FX actor, actress, writer or showrunner you’d like to see in the spotlight? Tweet your request to @FXNetworks and they might be featured in the next Get To Know...

Name: Damson Idris
Role: Franklin Saint, FX’s Snowfall
Previous Work: Miranda, Casualty, City of Tiny Lights, The Commuter, Doctors


What is the biggest difference between season one and season two of Snowfall?
The biggest difference is the interaction between the worlds. This is something that viewers screamed for. And this season, you'll see Franklin interacting with Teddy and with Lucia, seeing Lucia interact with, you know, work with Teddy. And, I think it's beautiful because viewers who love these characters will finally be seeing them interact and seeing just how the crack cocaine epidemic was a very big thing which brought a lot of people from different areas together.

Was there a role or character you saw when you were younger that made you want to be an actor?
I actually wanted to be Christian Ronaldo when I was younger, up until [I was] 20. And then when I finally started acting, I looked at who was respected by everyone and that was Denzel Washington. And then, it was Sidney Poitier-- would love to play Sidney Poitier.

When there's down time on set, what are you usually doing?
At crafty, looking at all the nice foods but not being allowed to eat it because [executive producer] John Singleton says that Franklin should be skinny. [Laughs] So, on set, you know, the main thing for me is, you know, interacting with the other actors and building that chemistry every second I can.

What three words would you use to describe your character, Franklin?
Leader, voiceful, intelligent.

What are three words to describe yourself?
Leader, voiceful, intelligent.

Name: Angela Lewis
Role: Aunt Louie, FX’s Snowfall
Previous Work: The Last Ship, Top Five, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Code Black, The Big C, The Good Wife


What is the biggest difference between season one and season two of Snowfall?
Well, season one is the build-up. How did everything get started? And then season two, the money is here. Everybody is making a lot more money than they have ever made in their entire lives and so how does that raise the stakes? It's a deeper dive into the characters. So, it's just full throttle.

How are you different from your character and how are you similar?
I really relate to Louie on the inside. Louie is very soft on the inside, which then allows for such a hard shell. And though I have elements of that hard shell, I don't like it when people underestimate me. I don't like it when people tell me I can't do something or I can't be something. But people have said that to Louie all her life over and over and over again. And I tend to lead with love, whereas I think Louie [is] defensive. And so where we meet is in the soft places. That's where I'm really able to enter into who she is and then I understand why she's angry. And I can bring the humanity of that anger as opposed to just being angry for no reason.

Name: Filipe Valle Costa
Role: Pedro Nava, FX’s Snowfall
Previous Work: Blue Bloods, Gotham, Unicornland


What's your favorite thing about your character?
Everything. I really love Pedro. My favorite thing about him—and this is a sad thing to say—but it's sort of how lonely he is. More often than not, that's what drives his actions and what drives him to do certain things that maybe from an outside perspective, you'll say, "oh, stupid Pedro." But at the end of the day, he's really truly alone in this world and from my perspective, that's something beautiful.

What’s been a really memorable moment on set either in front of the camera or off camera?
Every day is such a joy. There are those scenes where you got a gun or you're driving a cool car. It doesn't get cooler. And I'm wearing eighties clothes and just everything is perfect, so it's really hard to [pick one moment]. It's just such a fun shoot.

Speaking of the '80s, what fashion would you bring back?
Were suspenders [from the] '80s? Bring it back! Bring back the suspenders.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Passionate, sensitive, and happy.

Snowfall airs Thursday nights at 10pm on FX.