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Get to Know…Trust’s Harris Dickinson


Get to Know…Trust’s Harris Dickinson

The Trust star reveals the moment he realized he wanted to be an actor and how he reacted to nabbing the role as John Paul Getty III.

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Name: Harris Dickinson
Role: John Paul Getty III, Trust
Previous Work: The Medium, Home, Postcards from London, Beach Rats

What was your first day on set like?
Harris Dickinson: The first day on set was at Audley End in England. I had just turned 21 and I was a little nervous but very excited to be there. Danny (Boyle) turned to me just before my first take and said, ‘First job and first take as a 21-year-old, not bad aye!’ and then said ‘Action!’ I was just beaming.

What’s the first acting job you ever got?
Unpaid: Theatre. Paid: Car commercial. I had to listen to “Eye of the Tiger” and be inspired. I was dubbed in Spanish.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Artist, filmmaker, fighter, probably something else. Describe your audition experience for Trust. There were a couple of different stages, but mostly it was just Danny, Gail, the casting director, and I going over scenes, working through them. Danny makes everything so relaxed. He reads with you and helps you get to certain moments, which isn’t expected of directors in auditions. So, I was very fortunate in that sense.


What has been a really memorable moment on set?
Early on in Rome, we hired out the Spanish steps to film a scene for episode 1. The same day before we filmed I saw them in their full touristic glory, rammed with people. 3 hours later it was completely empty and I was bare foot running down them, looking down and seeing the whole crew waiting for me to go...some moments are just absurd and amazing. There was a lot of moments like that for me.

Was there a specific moment or role that inspired you to be an actor?
I remember playing a character on stage that I had to invest and commit to so much. It was such an awful, racist character, that it felt strange and I was affected by it. That made me realize the power of it all. For me anyway. On the other hand, a lot of my interest and inspiration comes from people around me.

What do you find most rewarding about acting?
The hope that someone, somewhere can enjoy or take something away from the story you’re collectively telling.

Three words to describe my character…
Idealistic, passionate, reckless.

The one thing I have to do before shooting a big scene is...
Get into a focused headspace. Check the scene.

When there is downtime on set, you’ll most likely find me…
Frolicking around, reading, staring into space.


The thing I love most about my character is…
His hair.

The last TV show I became obsessed with was…
This Country, British TV comedy.

Something I learned from my experience on Trust is…
I learned so much from this experience, mainly about maintaining character through a long shooting period. I learnt to question things and remain constantly investigative about scenes.

My first reaction when I found out I got this role was…
Cliché to say shock, but shock is what I felt. And gratitude. I was on the way to a family meal so it gave us something to celebrate.

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