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Watch: You're the Worst's Lindsay's "Deepest" Thoughts

You're the Worst

Watch: You're the Worst's Lindsay's "Deepest" Thoughts

"Why do cats get to have all the good tongues?" and more important questions from Gretchen's best friend.

"Whatever, history. You happened already. Let it go."

Such is the wisdom of Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue). You're the Worst's resident philosopher and poet (step aside, Jimmy), has gifted us with incredible insights into love, marriage and cat tongues.

That's right. Cat tongues are something you can be philosophical about, right? In the below supercut of Lindsay's "deep" thoughts, Gretchen's (Aya Cash) best friend and partner in crime has no shortage of musings that will leave you stunned speechless by their layers of complexity.

Just kidding, they'll just leave you stunned speechless. How else do you react when you hear something like "Barely any words use Q's. Q's are like the elbows of letters."

Well, she's not wrong, is she? Watch the supercut of Lindsay's deep thoughts above and enjoy her special brand of life's reflections.