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You're the Worst Creator Previews Final Season

You're the Worst

You're the Worst Creator Previews Final Season

Stephen Falk tells us that season five of the FXX comedy series will tackle all the "ritualist, complicated stuff" that comes with getting married through the eyes of Jimmy and Gretchen.

When You're the Worst fans sat down to watch the season premiere of the final season on Wednesday night, at first, they might have had a moment where they thought they were watching a completely different show. Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) are nowhere to be found and viewers are introduced to two singles in a ‘90’s a video rental store. It isn't until later in the episode that it's revealed that what the audience is watching is Gretchen and Jimmy telling a wedding planner this elaborate (and totally false) story of how they met.  

The episode was hilarious and trippy and tackled every rom-com trope out there, which is exactly what creator and executive producer Stephen Falk wanted to give the fans to start off the farewell season.

"FX has allowed me in the past to be a little risky and daring and I think you have to be in this peak TV era," Falk tells us. "[This episode] came out of a desire to give the audience something extra than just a typical episode and also out of my love from rom-coms. The show has always existed as a comment on rom-coms. It was always my desire to do a rom-com episode within our black-hearted, cynical show."

Tackling the final season of a show is a daunting task; writers want to give the audience a satisfying ending but they don't want that desire to come at the expense of their creative process. Falk tells us that he and the writers figured out where they wanted to end up and worked backwards, while also leaving room for "experimental stuff" throughout the season.

It was always my desire to do a rom-com episode within our black-hearted, cynical show.

While season five of You're the Worst will include interesting B-plots featuring Edgar (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay (Kether Donohue), the story will revolve around "looking at all the really byzantine, ritualist, complicated stuff that you have to go through to get married, but through the very specific lens of Jimmy and Gretchen." 


Besides the burning question of "will they, won't they" get married, Falk teases a "mystery" that will start to unfurl in the first few episodes and continue to build throughout the season.

"The viewer doesn't know if it's an alternate reality or if it is a flash-forward or what we're witnessing, but as [Jimmy and Gretchen] are planning, or avoiding planning, the wedding, they are simultaneously building this mystery. And I think the answer to that mystery is both incredibly rewarding but kind of shocking and surprising but totally in keeping with exactly what Gretchen and Jimmy would do."