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You're the Worst Creator Stephen Falk Discusses the Show’s "Surprising" Finale

You're the Worst

You're the Worst Creator Stephen Falk Discusses the Show’s "Surprising" Finale

The Creator/Executive Producer/Showrunner/Writer/Director considered "all the options" when it came to the series finale of the beloved FXX comedy series.

Spoiler Warning: Do not continue reading if you haven't yet watched "Pancakes," the series finale of You're the Worst.

The montage where fans got to see what happened with every character during the time jump was so beautiful. Why did you decide to include that in the finale?
My wife, Kristina Frisch, suggested it. She's the head makeup artist on the show and thought that people would want to know what happened during those three years. It was completely her idea and I'm so glad we did that.

Why do you think Jimmy and Gretchen's ending made sense for the characters?
I wanted them to make a decision that felt surprising but totally inevitable and completely in line with what "Jimmy" (Chris Geere) and "Gretchen" (Aya Cash) would do. It was kind of dumb, kind of pretentious, kind of beautiful, kind of sweet and it just really fit. I believe they would make that decision.


What were some of your favorite episodes over the past five seasons?
I enjoyed a lot of the weird, form-breaking episodes we did. There's an episode called "LCD Soundsystem" in which we finally see "Gretchen" trying to manage her depression in a very weird way. I also love the horror episode, "Spooky Sunday Funday." It was just great to shoot blood and guts - that was a lot of fun. "Twenty-Two," the PTSD episode with "Edgar" (Desmin Borges), was really special to me. There have been a lot of great episodes but I think this finale just ends perfectly. This is exactly how the show needed to end. It’s both interesting and beautiful.

How was the final day of shooting?
Weirdly, due to the way we shoot, it wasn't that emotional because we shoot out of sequence. So, we were shooting some random scene. It wasn't that emotional but I think once we yelled "that's a series wrap," then people started getting a little misty.


Which character do you think has shown the most growth?
Probably "Edgar" because he starts as someone who's not only a damaged veteran but he's also completely stuck in "Jimmy's" orbit. By the second to last episode, he catapults that relationship and finally rocket-boosts his way out of "Jimmy's" orbit and that's exactly what he needed to do.

What do you want fans to remember about You're the Worst?
That we were meticulously scripted and we cared a lot. From writing to acting to production design to music to locations. We were meticulous. I think there's a lot of lazy TV out there and we hope to serve as a counter to that.

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