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You're the Worst: Jimmy and Gretchen's Romance Recap

You're the Worst

You're the Worst: Jimmy and Gretchen's Romance Recap

From hooking up after a wedding to now planning their own wedding, we break down Jimmy and Gretchen's rollercoaster of a courtship.

In just a few short weeks, the world will find out once and for all whether Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) and Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash) will drive off into the sunset, or metaphorically drive off a cliff. And even though we’re hoping for the former, there’s no denying that the long, extraordinary trip that has been their relationship over the past five seasons has been a bit stressful to say the least.

Below, we’ve summed up the peaks and valleys of Jimmy and Gretchen's courtship for those who might need a refresher…including Jimmy and Gretchen themselves, who were kinda-sorta drunk for at least half of it.

Season One


Jimmy and Gretchen met (in the biblical sense) at Becca’s (Janet Varney) wedding.
Young, sexy singles hooking up at a mutual friend's (or mutual enemy's) wedding isn’t exactly new territory. But Jimmy and Gretchen took it to a whole new level when Gretchen essentially camped out at Jimmy’s house night one, and rarely left for the rest of the first season. And this happened all while both of them repeatedly proclaimed that they hated the idea of monogamy.

Things quickly became more serious.
After weeks of explosive chemistry, massive miscommunications, a stolen cat and plenty of sex, things got a bit more real when Jimmy became jealous of Gretchen’s on-off relationship with Ty (Stephen Schneider). Then there was the time Gretchen told Lindsay she could see an actual future with Jimmy…


They decided to become exclusive in the most Jimmy and Gretchen way possible.
If Jimmy and Gretchen ever decide to have children, maybe they’ll leave out the chapter of their love story when they held a competition to see who could have the most sex with other people, which ultimately led to them deciding to become exclusive.

They finally moved in together.
After a massive misunderstanding involving an engagement ring Jimmy had bought for Becca years earlier, Gretchen moved in with Jimmy when her vibrator and Christmas lights set her apartment on fire. Peak Gretchen.

Season Two


Gretchen’s demons threatened their honeymoon "bliss."
Jimmy and Gretchen's first weeks of exclusive dating and cohabitation weren’t without hiccups (or massive cocaine-fueled parties). But it was Gretchen sneaking off at night to cry in order to hide her bout with clinical depression from Jimmy—and refusing to seek treatment—that served as the couple’s true first test.

Gretchen pushed Jimmy away.
As Gretchen fell deeper into depression without seeking the help of therapy or medication, Jimmy did an admirable job trying to help. He even planned a "Spooky Sunday Funday" to lift her spirits. But it was a visit from Jimmy’s verbally abusive family, throughout which Gretchen was unable to get out of bed, that would drive Jimmy in the arms of another woman, Nina (Tessa Ferrer).


Jimmy and Gretchen said those Three Little Words.
Though Gretchen’s illness left Jimmy with doubts, he eventually chose to stay by Gretchen’s side in the most tender and heartwarming way possible by building her a blanket fort. He told her he loved her after an extremely drunken night at Becca and Vernon’s (Todd Robert Anderson), and Gretchen agreed to get help and save the relationship.

Season Three


Gretchen’s mail-phobia threatened their entire relationship.
Though Gretchen was comfortably in therapy and working on her "demons" at the beginning of season three, this period of relative calm was thrust into chaos when Gretchen opened the mail — her only household chore — for the first time in weeks. She found a letter from Jimmy’s sister stating that their father had died and wrestled with how to tell him.

Jimmy and Gretchen confronted even more demons.
Though Jimmy and Gretchen were exclusively together throughout most of season three, serious issues were bubbling under the surface the entire time. On Jimmy’s side, his father’s death brought up his deeply rooted fears about welcoming another family into his life. On Gretchen’s side, witnessing Jimmy’s doubts about her role in his life threatened to tear them apart.


The proposal from hell ruined everything.
Jimmy’s murder-themed proposal to Gretchen was completely pitch-perfect, until her utterance of the word "family" — Jimmy’s biggest trigger — sent him packing. Jimmy left Gretchen alone and heartbroken on the side of the road, in You’re the Worst’s arguably most heartbreaking moment to date.

Season Four


Jimmy sent Gretchen the "dot dot dot."
After months of living off-grid, Jimmy finally came back to LA ready to return to his life and, ideally, Gretchen. Gretchen had moved in with Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and completely fallen apart, and just as she decided to run back to her creepy ex Ty, Jimmy hit her up with the dreaded text that simply said: "hey..." Ouch.

Gretchen moved on.
Despite Jimmy’s wishes for a reconciliation, Gretchen decided to move on to greener pastures. She began dating a hunky single dad named Boone (Colin Ferguson) and eventually decided to move in with him, but commenced speaking with Jimmy on a "friend" level. If "friend" level means falling asleep on the phone together and kissing.


Jimmy made his final stand.
Just as Gretchen grew closer to Boone and his young daughter, Jimmy decided to win her back once and for all. He barged in to Boone’s home ready for a fight, but Gretchen walked out the door ready to make her own decision without any violence…and her decision was to put on her engagement ring and set a date with Jimmy.

Season Five


Jimmy and Gretchen settled down for the long-haul.
With only a few weeks left to go in the final season, Jimmy and Gretchen are maturing as a couple, settling their finances, planning their wedding, and ultimately preparing for their happily ever after. Hopefully they make it down the aisle without any mishaps, drama or out of control fires.

New episodes of You're the Worst airs every Wednesday at 10pm on FXX.