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You're the Worst Quotes That Prove Everyone Needs a Lindsay In Their Lives

You're the Worst

You're the Worst Quotes That Prove Everyone Needs a Lindsay In Their Lives

Gretchen (Aya Cash) may be marrying Jimmy (Chris Geere) but Lindsay (Kether Donahue) is her number one partner for life. 

Behind every incredible woman is another incredible woman asking her why cats get to have the best tongues.

Though You're the Worst delivers a fresh take on romantic comedies and relationships, it's also a love letter to the complicated and wonderful world of female friendships. When you're an adult trying to build your own independent life, your friends become the family you choose. And Gretchen choosing Lindsay is one of the best choices she's ever made… other than her choice to light Jimmy's car on fire.

You're the Worst fans know that Lindsay is not as much of dumb dumb as she sometimes seems; she has real depth and at times she is unequivocally poetic. Case in point: the collection below of her best lines that prove everyone needs a Lindsay Jillian in their lives:

1. She knows her worth.

"I’m not a sidekick! I’m Beyoncé, not Kelly Rowland. If I’m on a motorcycle, I’m driving the motorcycle, not riding in that shitty little side motorcycle thingy for poor people and dogs."

2. She never sugarcoats anything.

"You can't ever do anything fun because you're ruining your body with some ginger-headed parasite."

3. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

"I'm a helper. Like that glove that makes hamburgers."

4. She can often be downright philosophical.

"You thought you could master me. But I'm a person. I'm not one of your hobbies."

5. She's a romantic at heart.

"I just want find my forever d--k."

6. She has her priorities in line.

"Stuff is the best. You can never get lonely with stuff."

7. She's a relationship realist.

"Marriage is hard, but your wedding is the one day it's fun. Everything is downhill after the wedding."

8. She never dwells in the past.

"Whatever, history. You happened already. Let it go."

9. She is willing to fight for a table at brunch.

"I've had to fight off wave after wave of hungry, cool dads and trust fund alts. It's been like a hipster Game of Thrones up in this bitch."

11. She's patriotic…to an extent.

"Whenever they bring one of those army guys out to sing the National Anthem, I'm like 'Ugh, no. Where's Beyoncé?'"

10. She isn't afraid to humble brag about her exciting extracurricular actives.

"Tomorrow I'm eating runny cheese and going on an inverted roller coaster. Want to come?"

11. She asks the really important questions.

"Why do cats get to have all the good tongues?"

12. She's a true warrior in the battle of the sexes.

"Men are mean and they hurt my brain."

13. She is very knowledgeable about phonetics.

"Barely any words use Qs. Qs are like the elbows of letters."

14. And finally, she knows she is a one-of-a-kind woman.

"I am not single-celled. I've got cells you've never even heard of."

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