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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


Jack Ryan appears to be a normal Wall Street exec; but, he lives a double-life, having worked for the CIA for years. When he uncovers a scheme to crash the U.S. economy, he finds himself on the trail of terrorists in Moscow. Presented by FXM.

The Secret Life of Pets movie

The Secret Life of Pets


A Jack Russell terrier finds his happy life turned upside-down after his owner brings home a massive, messy mutt from the local pound to share their Manhattan apartment. Presented by FXM

Transformers: Age of Extinction movie

Transformers: Age of Extinction


Five years after the battle that nearly leveled Chicago, the Transformers are forced into hiding from a government unit hunting them down. Presented by FXM

Goosebumps movie



A teenager unhappy about relocating to a small town finds himself attracted to the beautiful girl living next door, but he soon learns her reclusive father is none other than R.L. Stine, author of the bestselling "Goosebumps" series. Presented by FXM

Kung Fu Panda 3 movie

Kung Fu Panda 3


When a powerful spirit warrior threatens kung fu, Po will need to tap into his inner panda abilities – and to do that, he must reunite with his long-lost panda father and reconnect with his roots. Presented by FXM

Smurfs: The Lost Village movie

Smurfs: The Lost Village


All of the residents of Smurf Village have a role in their community – all except for Smurfette, the lone female who questions her role in Smurf society. But when she finds a map to a mythical "lost village," she also finds her purpose. Presented by FXM

Sex Tape movie

Sex Tape


A couple trying to rekindle passion decides to make a video of themselves trying every position in a sex manual. When their private video goes public after synching to the cloud they embark on a mad dash to reclaim it. Presented by FXM

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