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Marin Ireland (Nora Brady) cast

Marin Ireland (Nora Brady)

Y: The Last Man

A press advisor to a Republican president, Nora is pragmatic, hard-working and deferential, even when it makes her angry. Read More

Angelica Ross (The Chemist) cast

Angelica Ross (The Chemist)

American Horror Story

A series regular on the ninth and 10th installments of Ryan Murphy’s FX hit American Horror Story, Ross is blazing a trail, kicking open doors and building her own table with ample open seats. Read More

Kevin Hart crew

Kevin Hart


Over the years, Hart has become a box office heavyweight, starring in 11 films that debuted as the number one movie on opening weekend. Read More

Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer / The Master) cast

Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer / The Master)

The Strain

Jonathan Hyde stars in FX’s thriller The Strain as “Eldritch Palmer.” Once the Master’s partner, he is now His latest host. Read More

Kayvan Novak (Nandor the Relentless) cast

Kayvan Novak (Nandor the Relentless)

What We Do in the Shadows

Ever the conqueror, his old-world ways are no longer the most effective when it comes to dealing with the modern world. Of Staten Island. Read More

Guy Pearce (Ebenezer Scrooge) cast

Guy Pearce (Ebenezer Scrooge)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Can the advent of his business partner Marley and the arrival of the three ghosts reinvigorate the spirit, joy and hope of a once-lost boy? Read More

Stephen Graham (Jacob Marley) cast

Stephen Graham (Jacob Marley)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

His guilt haunts him. He wishes to repent. He is sent on a journey of the soul – but to guarantee the safety of his – he must also save Scrooge’s. Read More

Lola Kirke (Allegra in cast

Lola Kirke (Allegra in "The Commenter")

The Premise

Kirke is an American actress and singer, best known for her starring role in the Amazon original series, Mozart in the Jungle. Read More

Johnny Harris (Franklin Scrooge) cast

Johnny Harris (Franklin Scrooge)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Tyrannical, single-minded and cruel, Franklin spent more care tending his failing businesses than his children, except to remind them of their reliance on him. Read More

Steven Knight crew

Steven Knight

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Knight received the highest honor from the Royal Television Society’s Midlands Centre – the Baird Medal – in recognition of his career. Read More

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (The Waitress) cast

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (The Waitress)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mary Elizabeth Ellis guest stars in the critically-acclaimed FXX original comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as the “The Waitress”. Read More

Kate Crowe crew

Kate Crowe

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Executive Producer on the drama Taboo, Labyrinth, as well as award-winning series Misfits. Read More

Soko   (Beth in cast

Soko (Beth in "The Commenter")

The Premise

​Soko is a French singer, songwriter, musician and actress. Read More

Dean Baker crew

Dean Baker

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Baker is a partner at Hardy, Son & Baker the production company he founded with Tom Hardy in 2012. Read More

Lenny Rush (Tim Cratchit) cast

Lenny Rush (Tim Cratchit)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Undaunted by the world, Tim is determined to try everything, even when it puts everything at risk. Read More

Tom Hardy crew

Tom Hardy

FX’s A Christmas Carol

One of today’s most versatile and sought-after talents, earning widespread acclaim and recognition over the years for his transformative performances and extensive range across a variety of mediums, including film, television and theatre. Read More

Lucas Hedges (Jesse Wheeler in cast

Lucas Hedges (Jesse Wheeler in "The Ballad of Jesse Wheeler")

The Premise

Hedges continues to grow his diverse body of work with some of the most respected names in film. Read More

Jason Flemyng (Ghost of Christmas Future) cast

Jason Flemyng (Ghost of Christmas Future)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

A menacing figure, the Ghost of Christmas Future is tall, hooded and silent. He cannot change the future, he can only show what may come to pass. Read More

Kayvan Novak (Ali Baba) cast

Kayvan Novak (Ali Baba)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Ali Baba emerges as one of Scrooge’s oldest friends and comforting escape from the pages of his earliest favorite book, One Thousand and One Nights. Read More

Joe Alwyn (Bob Cratchit) cast

Joe Alwyn (Bob Cratchit)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

His loyalty is not rewarded, and yet he persists at Scrooge’s, wryly returning banter with his boss and letting things lie, until the stakes get much, much higher. And he won’t take any more. Read More

Charlotte Riley (Lottie / Ghost of Christmas Present) cast

Charlotte Riley (Lottie / Ghost of Christmas Present)

FX’s A Christmas Carol

As the Ghost of Christmas Present, Lottie will force her elder brother Scrooge to see difficult truths. Read More

Ridley Scott crew

Ridley Scott

FX’s A Christmas Carol

Renowned Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker honored with Best Director Oscar® nominations for his work on Black Hawk Down (2001), Gladiator (2000) and Thelma & Louise (1991). Read More

Jessica Lange (Joan Crawford / Producer) cast

Jessica Lange (Joan Crawford / Producer)

FEUD: Bette and Joan

Jessica Lange stars as legendary actress “Joan Crawford” in the FX anthology series FEUD: Bette and Joan, directed by Ryan Murphy. Read More

Susan Sarandon (Bette Davis / Producer) cast

Susan Sarandon (Bette Davis / Producer)

FEUD: Bette and Joan

Susan Sarandon stars as renowned actress “Bette Davis” in the FX anthology series FEUD: Bette and Joan, directed by Ryan Murphy. Read More

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