Baskets | SEASON PREMIERE JANUARY 19 | 10PM | FX Networks


Ernest Adams plays Eddie, the owner of the Bakersfield rodeo where Chip works as a clown. Eddie sees something in Chip and often offers him cowboy wisdom to help solve his problems.

Before becoming an actor, Adams, an Oregon native, worked in a variety of fields. As part of a construction crew for the Portland Parks & Recreation Bureau, he helped build stages for some of the city’s first community theaters. In the 1980s, Adams worked at a lumber mill, as well as for the Oregon City Public Works Department’s Water Division. 

After a chance conversation with an attorney alerted him to Federal financial aid for college studies, he enrolled at Portland State University, pursuing degrees in Political Science and the Performing Arts. While there, Adams’ stage performances earned him a small fan base among Lunch Box Theatre attendees. One of his directors encouraged him to take the entire curriculum of dance classes – promising that he would learn “everything he needed to know” with the University’s resident dance group, The Company We Keep. After leaving Portland State University, Adams went on to work with the New York-based Douglas Dunn Dance Company. 

Last year, Adams was cast as the air conditioner repairman on Portlandia, but struggled to find the money to join the actors’ union. That problem was solved when Portlandia’s director Jonathan Krisel asked Adams if he was interested in a recurring role on the new FX comedy Baskets, which Adams gladly accepted.