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Bob's Burgers follows Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and his ever-quirky family who together run the restaurant Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers is a 20th Century Fox Television and Bento Box Entertainment production. The series was created by Loren Bouchard. Bouchard and Jim Dauterive serve as executive producers and writers.

Season 9
Season 9

Sn.9 Ep.22

"Yes Without My Zeke"

LATEST Sn.9 Ep.22

Yes Without My Zeke

Expires in 11 days

When Zeke gets in trouble, the Belcher kids and Jimmy Jr. try to help stop him being sent to disciplinary school, but Tina tries to thwart their mission to have Jimmy Jr. to herself.

21 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 05/12

Sn.9 Ep.21

"P.T.A. It Ain't So"

LATEST Sn.9 Ep.21

P.T.A. It Ain't So

Expires in 11 days

Linda attempts to become more involved with the P.T.A., inspired by its seemingly perfect president, Joanne. Meanwhile, Bob tries to cheer up a hardware store owner after unknowingly making a joke about his pet parrot that recently flew away.

21 minutes • TV-PG • Aired 05/05

Sn.9 Ep.3


LATEST Sn.9 Ep.3


Expires in 11 days

Tina, Louise and Gene get a taste of business when they join the school's "Tweentrepeneurs" club. Back at the restaurant, Bob and Linda find themselves outsmarted by a dine-and-dasher.

21 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 10/14

Sn.9 Ep.2

"The Taking of Funtime One Two Three"

LATEST Sn.9 Ep.2

The Taking of Funtime One Two Three

Expires in 11 days

Desperate for the grand prize dune buggy at their local arcade, Louise, Tina and Gene devise a master plan with the help of Mr. Fischoeder. Meanwhile, Teddy manages to convince Bob and Linda to take in a chicken by promising fresh eggs.

21 minutes • TV-PG • Aired 10/07

Sn.9 Ep.1

"Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now"

LATEST Sn.9 Ep.1

Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

Expires in 11 days

Convinced she's met the love of her life, Tina decides to disguise herself as boy and sneak into the Boyz 4 Now auditions to find him. Back at the restaurant, Teddy asks the rest of the Belcher gang to nurse his baby rat back to health.

21 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 09/30