Mike & Molly

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When Mike, a good-hearted cop who sincerely wants to lose weight, attends an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, he meets Molly, an instantly likeable schoolteacher with a good sense of humor about her curves. Between his thin, fast-talking partner and her effortlessly svelte mother and sister, Mike and Molly both struggle to focus on smart choices, but thanks to their mutual love of pie – and the desire to resist it – finding each other may have been worth the weight.

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Sn.6 Ep.8

"The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.8

The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto

Expires in 25 days

Vince sells a boat that he and Mike were remodeling together, which causes empty promises made by Mike's father come back to haunt him.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/07

Sn.6 Ep.4

"Super Cop"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.4

Super Cop

Expires in 25 days

After getting his wallet stolen while taking a nap on patrol with Carl, Mike decides to heighten his enforcement of the law. However, his new-found attitude takes a toll on those around him.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/06

Sn.6 Ep.5

"Joyce's Will Be Done"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.5

Joyce's Will Be Done

Expires in 25 days

After her younger, health-nut yoga instructor drops dead during a session, a shaken Joyce starts to plan for her own death.

20 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/06

Sn.6 Ep.6

"The Good Wife"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.6

The Good Wife

Expires in 25 days

Fed up with household chores not getting done while Molly skips writing to go out drinking with Joyce and Victoria, Mike speaks his mind, upsetting his wife in the process.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/06

Sn.6 Ep.7

"Weekend with Birdie"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.7

Weekend with Birdie

Expires in 25 days

After discovering a dog left in the apartment of two arrested women, Mike decides to bring the pooch home. However, when the dog gets along with all of the family members except Molly, she begins to doubt her maternal skills.

18 minutes • TV-PG • Aired 11/06

Sn.6 Ep.3

"Peg O' My Heart Attack"

LATEST Sn.6 Ep.3

Peg O' My Heart Attack

Expires in 25 days

When a heated argument results in Peggy having a heart attack, Mike is quick to blame Molly. While initially in denial, guilt-ridden Molly tries to make amends, but her judgmental mother-in-law is not as ready to move past the incident.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/04