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When Mike, a good-hearted cop who sincerely wants to lose weight, attends an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, he meets Molly, an instantly likeable schoolteacher with a good sense of humor about her curves. Between his thin, fast-talking partner and her effortlessly svelte mother and sister, Mike and Molly both struggle to focus on smart choices, but thanks to their mutual love of pie – and the desire to resist it – finding each other may have been worth the weight.

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Season 5
Season 5

Sn.5 Ep.17

"Mudlick or Bust"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.17

Mudlick or Bust

Expires in 26 days

Molly surprises Peggy by reuniting her with her estranged sister, Rosemary, when they take a road trip to Peggy's hometown of Mudlick. Also, Vince and Mike experience father-son bonding when they work together to fix the water heater.

20 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 02/28

Sn.5 Ep.18

"No Kay Morale"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.18

No Kay Morale

Expires in 26 days

Peggy is pleased Kay returns to town. Molly attempts to find a way to try and improve Kay's spirits. Carl and Mike attempt to deal with crowd control at a public breast feeding event.

19 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 02/28

Sn.5 Ep.13

"Buy the Book"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.13

Buy the Book

Expires in 26 days

Molly is feeling excited after her book becomes available to buy, but she is concerned that no one will purchase it.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 02/25

Sn.5 Ep.11

"Immaculate Deception"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.11

Immaculate Deception

Expires in 26 days

Mike and Molly are looking forward have the house to themselves for the whole weekend.

20 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 02/24

Sn.5 Ep.16

"Cocktails and Calamine"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.16

Cocktails and Calamine

Expires in 26 days

Molly is nervous about Mike attending a celebratory party her publisher puts on for her and Peggy.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/16

Sn.5 Ep.10

"Checkpoint Joyce"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.10

Checkpoint Joyce

Expires in 26 days

After Joyce refuses to take a breathalyzer test at a checkpoint, Mike has no choice but to arrest her.

18 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/15

Sn.5 Ep.12

"The World According to Peggy"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.12

The World According to Peggy

Expires in 26 days

The not-so-retiring Peggy suddenly announces she's leaving her job, and Molly scrambles to throw her a retirement party but wonders just why Peggy is calling it quits.

19 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/15

Sn.5 Ep.15

"Pie Fight"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.15

Pie Fight

Expires in 26 days

When Mike reaches a weight-loss goal - his personal best - he decides to celebrate by indulging in a slice of pie.

19 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/15

Sn.5 Ep.9

"Hack to the Future"

LATEST Sn.5 Ep.9

Hack to the Future

Expires in 26 days

Molly decides to have a break after she is unhappy with a draft of her novel.

19 minutes • TV-14 • Aired 11/13