Mr Inbetween

Scott Ryan wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in The Magician, a mockumentary shot in 10 days on a $3000 budget that introduced audiences to the very funny and very dark world of hitman “Ray Shoesmith.”

After a screening of a 30-minute cut-down version at the 2004 St Kilda Film Festival, Ryan met filmmaker Nash Edgerton, who came onboard the project as editor and producer. In 2005, The Magician was released by Hopscotch Films and nominated for a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award and an Inside Film (IF) Award.

Ryan then penned the FX series Mr Inbetween, a further exploration of the “Ray Shoesmith” character, again playing the lead. In July 2019, Ryan won the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor for his work on Mr Inbetween.

He is currently developing a project surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination.