Denis Leary stars as “Johnny Rock,” a washed up rock star who blames everyone but himself for his failure to be famous: his mother, his father, Dave Grohl, God, the entire decade of the 1990s – the list is almost endless. Of course, he doesn’t really remember most of the 90s, having devoted his young brain cells to a 24/7/365 sex&drugs&rock&roll lifestyle. Now, at age 50, Johnny only sleeps with his longtime live-in girlfriend Ava, whom he loves almost as much as himself. And the drugs he really needs are not cocaine and marijuana, but Crestor, Cymbalta and Cialis. His talent is big, but so is his prostate. And his ego is bigger than both combined. Now Johnny is filling the role of resident songwriter and groupie, and he will do anything to get back into the spotlight – even if it means sabotaging each and every opportunity along the way.

Denis Leary is a five-time loser at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ annual Emmy® Awards. He has lost in both the drama and comedy categories. In leading and supporting roles. Not to mention writing. Leary hopes to one day be nominated for - and more than likely not win - an Oscar®, a Grammy® and a Tony® Award. In his long and storied entertainment career, Leary has also never won The Stanley Cup, The Nobel Peace Prize or an argument with his wife.