Elizabeth Gillies stars as “Gigi,” a young singer who recently moved to New York for one reason – to get famous. She hired The Heathens rock band because she didn’t want to waste six months of her life auditioning tragically hip, Brooklyn douchebags. Smart at the age of 21 and hell-bent on making it, Gigi steeped herself in NYC rock-and-roll history. Her mom was a backup singer for The Heathens back in the day, so she grew up following the brief success and continuous fallout of her estranged father’s band. Wanting to recapture that kickass 1992 sound in a new contemporary voice, Gigi formed The Assassins and decided to mine Johnny’s remaining brain cells for songwriting gold. Now, the sky’s the limit and she’ll do whatever it takes to get there. Johnny and Flash may think they’re in charge, but Gigi knows better. This is most definitely not a man’s world anymore.

Elizabeth Gillies is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Gillies began acting professionally at the age of 12 after being discovered at an open casting call near her hometown in New Jersey. With a strong background in musical theater, she made her Broadway debut at age 15, starring as “Lucy” in the original Broadway cast of 13, the musical. A cult classic among teens worldwide, 13 holds the title of the first and only all- teen cast and band, and groundbreaking productions of the show have been performed around the world since its closing. Shortly after 13, Gillies went on to land the role of “Jade West” in the hit Nickelodeon series Victorious. Gillies has landed recurring roles on numerous television series such as The Black Donnelleys, and guest starred on television series including The Exes and White Collar.

Her most recent film credits include New Line’s Vacation, opposite Ed Helms and Christina Applegate, and Drew Barrymore’s indie horror flick, Animal.

Boasting a large social media following of over 12 million combined between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Gillies has developed a strong and loyal fan base that continues to grow with her.