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Most teenage girls are concerned about school, boys and gossip, but Paige Jennings, played by Holly Taylor, has greater concerns. Her parents revealed their secret to her last season and completely unraveled the fabric of her life - and nobody's life is all that stable when they're fifteen. In her search for some sort of peace, Paige has committed even further to the last place Philip and Elizabeth would want her - the church. As Paige's plans for her future begin to clash with her parents' (and their bosses') plans for her, Paige has to confront the true boundaries of trust.

Named as one of the most influential young stars to watch by Variety's Youth Impact Report, actress Taylor is captivating audiences and commanding praise. Currently, Taylor can be seen holding her own amongst an adult driven cast in the hit FX drama series The Americans, where she plays "Paige Jennings," the teenage daughter of undercover KGB spies Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys). Paige's ongoing struggle to find out who she is as a teenager, as well as uncovering the true identity of her parents, has become a pivotal storyline in the series.

Born in Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada, Taylor loved to perform from a young age, singing and dancing along to the television and radio whenever possible. Upon moving to New Jersey when she was three, Taylor's family enrolled her in a dance class—where she learned ballet, jazz and tap from an early age. Taylor was hooked, and announced to her parents that she was going to dance on Broadway when she grew up. By age 11, that dream became a reality, and Taylor was dancing eight shows a week in Billy Elliot at the Imperial Theater on Broadway in New York City.

By 2009, Taylor started receiving prestigious invitations for programs due to her talents both on and off the stage, including the Johns Hopkins program for Gifted and Talented Children, the Student Exchange Program for Gifted Children and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Fulltime Dance Program. With mixed emotions, Taylor had to turn down these opportunities due to her commitment to Billy Elliot. She did, however, attend a two-week summer intensive program in 2009 at the American Ballet Theatre in NYC.

After taking some acting lessons in New York City, Taylor decided to leave Billy Elliot in July of 2011 and take time out to pursue and further develop her acting skills. Taylor and her parents decided that a prolonged stay in Los Angeles, and a year of homeschooling, would have the benefit of the excellent actor training that area provides. The gamble paid off, and by the summer of 2012, Taylor landed her breakout role as series regular "Paige Jennings" in the original FX production, The Americans. The series has become a fan favorite, receiving critical acclaim by industry professionals and praise from audiences.

Even though her career is taking off, Taylor continues to make education a main priority. She is currently a senior at her local high school, where she is an active member of student council. Taylor is also a huge sports fan. She made her high school JV volleyball team, and loves football, ice hockey and basketball. She is a big supporter of the NY Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and the Montreal Canadians. She continues to practice dance including hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, modern and pointe, and her other interests include playing guitar, hanging out with friends, long boarding, drawing, and supporting St. Jude's Hospital and Toys For Tots.