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Shaun Harvey

Advisor to the Board, WAFC

Shaun Harvey currently serves as the Advisor to the Board at Wrexham AFC, rounding out a unique, tenured career that has included advancing Bradford City to the English Premier League in 1999 and serving as the CEO of the English Football League (EFL) from 2013 to 2019.

Following his time with the EFL, Harvey worked as an independent consultant, utilizing knowledge he gained during his 20 years as CEO with Scarborough FC, Bradford City AFC and Leeds United AFC. He has notably worked across all four divisions of professional football in England.

Some of his other achievements include the creation of iFollow, the EFL’s Direct to Consumer channel for all 72 Clubs, and brokering a partnership with MIND, a mental health charity that allows fans to seek help through their football club. 

Harvey is married to wife, Nicola and father to daughters, Rebecca and Zoe. 

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