Archer Lock Screens | FX

Professional spies at your fingertips.

Download custom high-res lock screens and go out with a BANG!

Lock screens

Personalize your phone with artwork from Archer.

  • Archer and Zara centered above Lana, Pam, Cheryl and Cyrill on top of the Louvre with Paris skyline in the background
  • Archer running through a street, and stepping on a sewer cover as Ray emerges, with a full moon in the sky
  • Archer wearing a gray suit with a monkey on his back and the rest of the cast fighting in front of him
  • Archer wearing a beige suit holding a weapon and turning his head, with buildings on both sides and vehicles driving below
  • Archer wearing an astronaut suit in space with fighting off objects with sharp teeth
  • Archer wearing an eye patch and holding a bottle, reaching for a rope, while others shoot at him on a cliff above the ocean
  • Archer wearing a beige fedora and coat, holding a flask and weapon, standing in a dark alley
  • Archer in a red and gray suit, holding a weapon with Lana standing behind him in a red dress
  • Archer holding up a weapon centered inside a roulette wheel
  • Archer wearing a gray suit, holding a duffle bag, and walking on the beach with the cast hanging out in the background
  • Lana wearing knee high boots and Archer in scuba gear, both holding weapons, with the cast fighting animals in the background
  • Archer and Lana holding weapons, looking back, with Malory sitting below them wearing a blue dress and smoking
  • Lana wearing a Bikini top with a flower in her hair wrapped around Archer holding a cocktail with a sunset backdrop
  • Archer wearing a gray suit and holding a weapon with Cyril, Carol, Lana and Malory standing in front of playing cards