Lee Jones as Wilkin Brattle in The Bastard Executioner | FX

Lee Jones

Wilkin Brattle

Lee Jones portrays "Wilkin Brattle," a former warrior knight broken by the ravages of war who vows to lay down his sword for a simple agrarian life. But when his idyllic new world is shattered by a cruel English lord, Wilkin is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all: that of an executioner.

Career Highlights

Actor Lee Jones was first recognized as an emerging talent when he appeared as “The Creature” in Nick Dear’s Frankenstein. Jones’ performance garnered critical acclaim, a prestigious Glug Award for best actor and a Sydney Theatre Critics Nomination. A Graduate of the University of Western Sydney’s Theatre Nepean, Jones has worked at such acclaimed theatres as Sydney Theatre Company, The Ensemble Theatre, and the Old Fitzroy. He has quickly established himself as an artist renowned for his versatility and ability to bring great depth to any role he plays. Born and raised in Sydney, Jones now splits his time between Sydney and Los Angeles.

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