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Byron Bowers: Spiritual N***a is Byron Bowers’ first stand-up special. After a life-altering revelation while tripping on psychedelic mushrooms, comedian Byron Bowers (The Chi, Honey Boy, Concrete Cowboys, Kimi, Ten Year Old Tom) stumbles straight from the desert into the Decatur Boxing Club, to deliver an intimate set in his hometown Atlanta. Directed by Alma Har’el, Byron’s special talks about his long journey to his first comedy special, the stigma of mental health, and how tripping on mushrooms made him understand his schizophrenic father and altered the way he feels about his Blackness. 

Byron Bowers: Spiritual N***a is Executive Produced by Har’el (Honey Boy, Bombay Beach), Bowers, Christopher Leggett, Rafael Marmor, Jeff Tomsic and Jessica Pilot, and produced by Zusa, Sons of a Schitz, Delirio Films and Rotten Science.

Filmed in Georgia.


Spiritual N***a

In his first stand-up special, Byron Bowers talks about the stigma of mental health.

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