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Cake is a handcrafted assortment of bite-sized content served up to viewers as a tasty treat for the mind. Featuring a diverse array of narratives from storytellers both new and established, this carefully curated half-hour weekly showcase on FXX features both live-action and animated comedy programs of varied length that are equal parts thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, artistic, authentic and raw. (Not to mention, totally gif-able!)

There’s something for everyone and plenty to go around when Cake returns for its fourth season Thursday, March 11, 2021 with two new episodes airing back-to-back beginning at 10:00p ET/PT on FXX. Both the weekly showcase and individual programs will also be available for streaming the next day via FX on Hulu. Cake is produced by FX Productions.

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Season 4
Season 4

Sn.4 Ep.9


LATEST Sn.4 Ep.9


Expires in 12 days

End of the road, or a new beginning?

24 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/29

Sn.4 Ep.8

"By Hook or By Crook"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.8

By Hook or By Crook

Expires in 12 days

You gotta do what you gotta do until you gotta don’t.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/22

Sn.4 Ep.7

"Mask Off"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.7

Mask Off

Expires in 12 days

Hide and seek.

23 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/15

Sn.4 Ep.6


LATEST Sn.4 Ep.6


Expires in 12 days

Mr. Sandman, bring me esteem.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/08

Sn.4 Ep.5


LATEST Sn.4 Ep.5


Expires in 12 days

Inquire within.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 04/01

Sn.4 Ep.4

"Out of Order"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.4

Out of Order

Expires in 12 days

Topsy, meet turvy.

24 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/25

Sn.4 Ep.3

"Finders Keepers"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.3

Finders Keepers

Expires in 12 days

Dig deep.

26 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/18

Sn.4 Ep.1

"Ask, Believe, Receive"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.1

Ask, Believe, Receive

Expires in 12 days

Dare to dream, lovers.

27 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/11

Sn.4 Ep.2

"Here, There & Nowhere"

LATEST Sn.4 Ep.2

Here, There & Nowhere

Expires in 12 days

You only live once.

25 minutes • TV-MA • Aired 03/11

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