Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons | Damages on FX

Rose Byrne

Ellen Parsons

Rose Byrne stars as "Ellen Parsons," who left Hewes & Associates for a new job in the legal profession after the UNR case. Finally free from Patty Hewes and the demands of high-stakes litigation, she is able to live a more balanced life. But when Ellen realizes her new boss is more interested in locking up criminals than protecting victims, she is forced to interact with Patty Hewes and confront their shared destiny.

Career Highlights

In a short amount of time, Byrne has established herself as a rising star of the big screen. The Australian native commands the attention of filmgoers and television viewers with her beauty, talent, versatility and poise.

In 2009, Byrne was nominated for an Emmy® and Golden Globe® for her portrayal of ‘Ellen Parsons’ on the second season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated FX Network series Damages. She has recently wrapped production on Get Him to the Greek, the latest installment from producer Judd Apatow. Written by the film’s director Nicolas Stoller and Jason Segal, Get Him to the Greek also stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. The film will be released by Universal in June of 2010.

Illustrating her inimitable range and versatility, Byrne was last seen in the mega-thriller Knowing with Nicolas Cage. Knowing was released by Summit Entertainment on March 20, 2009 and came in number one at the box office with a total opening weekend gross of $24,604,751. This past July, Byrne was seen in the film Adam, a unique love story set against the backdrop of Manhattan, with thespians Hugh Dancy and Peter Gallagher.

Her additional credits include Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, the sci-fi thrillers 28 Weeks Later and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, critically acclaimed independent film The Dead Girl, Wolfgang Peterson’s epic Troy opposite Brad Pitt, Paul McGuigan’s thriller Wicker Park with Josh Hartnett, the acclaimed I Capture Castle, based on the classic English romance, the BBC Drama Cassanova with Peter O’Toole and Danny Green’s The Tenants opposite Dylan McDermott.

Byrne’s fame in Australia began with her role in the gritty crime comedy Two Hands in which she starred with Heath Ledger. She went on to star in Clara Law’s The Goddess of 1967 for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival. Byrne resides in New York, Los Angeles and Australia.

Tate Donovan

as Tom Shayes

Patty Hewes’ longtime lieutenant, who is now an equal partner in the law firm.