Chris Rock as Loy Cannon | Fargo on FX

Fargo: Year 4

Chris Rock

Loy Cannon

Chris Rock Headshot

Chris Rock portrays the head of the Cannon crime syndicate, "Loy Cannon," a self-made sophisticate born into an age of brutality. In a perfect world, Loy would be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But his world isn’t perfect, so Loy used his prodigious intellect to create The Cannon Limited — an empire of a different kind; running numbers, prostitution and protection out of Kansas City.

Career Highlights
Glynn Turman Headshot

Glynn Turman

as Doctor Senator

A second-generation Missouri native, Doctor possesses degrees in both law and economics. He is a man who demands your respect, whether you’re willing to give it or not.


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